Supervisor Training - People Management Excellence Training

People Management Excellence Training (PMET) was introduced in January 2019 with the focus of helping all People Managers become more familiar with their role as leaders. Every month a new online course is emailed to all People Managers covering a variety of soft skill topics. The program has delivered over 24 courses and has had hundreds of participants. For more information visit the People Management page in UVULearn.

Supervisor Training - UVU Leadership Exploration And Development (UVULEAD)

UVULEAD  is a new and exciting program aimed at providing supervisors the knoweldge and skills needed to succeed as leaders of UVU. The program is founded on the new Supervisor Competencies and is part of the Leadershi Compentency Experience (LCE). To learn more about the LCE and UVULEAD programs, visit the LCE page in myUVU.


New Employee Orientation
New Employee Orientation gives newly hired full-time employees an overview of Utah Valley University, information regarding general policies and procedures, a comprehensive review of employee benefits, and an overview of campus events and opportunities. (Generally held the first working day of the month) 

UVUHire Training (includes AA/EEO training)
The purpose of UVUHire training is to certify UVU employees for service on hiring/search committees. Every staff/faculty search committee member is required to go through SafeHire training and every committee must also have a trained AA/EEO representative who can assist with compliance with UVU policy and State and Federal employment law. This training will include an introduction to employment law and focus on practical application in UVU hiring/search committees. Previously certified employees are welcome to come for refresher training if needed. It is recommended that certifications be renewed at least every two years to remain current. (this training is online through UVULearn)

Preparing Position Descriptions
Preparing Position Descriptions is designed to increase awareness of the importance of position descriptions and provide a tool for writing effective position descriptions. The increasing amount of legislation and employee litigation has made job documentation a must. The key outcomes of the session are to know why position descriptions are needed, what should be included in position descriptions, and how to enter and route your position description in the on-line warehouse.  When properly developed, position descriptions have the potential for a wide variety of administrative applications. (Typically offered monthly) 

Introduction to UVU ePAFs
Introduction to UVU ePAFs is designed to help employees learn how to originate and approve ePAF's through the myUVU system as well as tracking ePAF's through the approval process. The training also provides a forum to get answers to pressing questions as well as introduce additional online resources and information. The training is directed toward personnel coordinators, hiring managers, supervisors, or any employee needing to originate or approve ePAF's for their department. (Typically offered quarterly) 

Introduction to UVU.Jobs
Introduction to UVU.Jobs is designed to help employees learn how to requisition and prepare job announcements on the UVU.Jobs system as well as helping those employees involved in hiring committees managing applications through the site.  The training also provides a forum to get answers to pressing questions. The training is directed toward personnel coordinators, hiring managers, supervisors, or any employee needing to post a job for their department. (Typically offered as needed) 

Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Training (for supervisors)
Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Training is designed for supervisors of Utah Valley University to: 1) heighten awareness and improve attitudes within the workplace to support and respect diversity and 2) alert employees to their responsibilities and rights in the prevention of unlawful harassment in the workplace. From gossip to sexual harassment, this session addresses a wide variety of issues surrounding Respect and Unlawful Harassment. Specific information includes what is diversity, what is unlawful harassment, why an employee should be concerned about it, what an employee can do about preventing unlawful harassment in the workplace, and why retaliation is not permitted.  (Typically offered as needed)


New2UVU  - Online orientation information for new employees.

TIMS Time Entry and Payroll Instructions - Time Entry and Payroll in formation for new employees.



More information will be available in the future. If you would like additional information, please call Daniel Delgadillo at 801-863-6745