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Great People. Great Passion. Great Purpose.

UVU employees have expressed how much they love working at Utah Valley University. After discussing with them their reasons why, we found their responses correspond with three core themes adopted by Human Resources: Great People working with Great Passion for a Great Purpose. A few employees shared their insights on video. The video segments below are categorized into each theme.

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Great People.

#1 reason people love UVU is for the people they work with.

As Faculty and Staff alike have expressed time and again, their favorite reason they love working at UVU are their fellow coworkers and the students. Watch the following segments to learn why.

Video of Keith Mulbery

Keith Mulbery

Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Technology

In this short clip, Keith recounts how the support received from campus leadership has given him greater capacity to develop his department and students.

"I do believe that we have great support from our administration."

Video of Daniel Fairbanks

Daniel Fairbanks

Professor, Biology and Research Office Director, Academic Affairs

From the unique perspective of a Dean, Fairbanks shares his feelings about the people he works with at UVU.

"One of the great things about UVU is unlike many universities...everyone seems to know one another."
Video of Nikki Scott

Nikki Scott

Associate Athletic Director, Finance & Business

Nikki appreciates being part of an athletic department that supplements academic education at UVU.

"I love that UVU...does a lot to show faculty and staff that they're appreciated."

Video of Janet Colvin

Janet Colvin

Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

In this brief video, Janet shares how UVU's unique mission to provide "Engaged Learning" has enabled her to teach in a way that she loves.

"I've been able to...achieve things that would not have been possible other places"

Video of Alexis Palmer

Alexis Palmer

Associate Vice President & Dean of Students

Through her many roles, Alexis finds great purpose and passion through interacting with the people at UVU.

"I can honestly say that...when I come to work, I am coming because of the people that I get to work with."

Great Passion.

You will be fully engaged with your work at UVU.

At UVU we strive to promote a culture of employee engagement by encouraging assignments that facilitate employees' strengths and interests. The following videos give examples of areas in which UVU has enabled employees to work according to their passion.

Video of Cynthia Krebs

Cynthia Krebs

Professor, Information Systems/Technology

As a seasoned instructor, Cynthia describes how fellow employees with the same passion and enthusiastic students across campus have significantly enhanced her employee experience.

"My favorite part about coming to the knowledge that I'm going to learn something new today"
Video of Fern Caka

Fern Caka

Associate Dean, College of Science

Fern expresses how her role on campus has allowed her to live and pursue her passions among people she cares about.

"I love bringing in a student that's fearful of chemistry...and have them say 'Wow! I don't know I liked this!...that is the best."
Video of Keri Howlett

Keri Howlett

Assistant to the Dean, College of Science

After nearly 30 years of "bleeding green" at UVU, Kerri's ample view of campus-life experience is worth listening to.

"Everyone is just your family at UVU. I can't imagine being anywhere else."

Video of Victor Narsimulu

Victor Narsimulu

Program Director, Cultural Envoy

Victor's account of his experience on campus demonstrates how UVU strives to be the chosen place for everyone on a quest for higher education.

"There are possibilities for a person like me to be a mentor, to be an advocate for students who come from all facets of our community."

Great Purpose.

You will make a difference.

UVU is an open admission institution committed to student success. With a focus on teaching and providing real-world experiences, these employees express why UVU's vision and purpose stimulates their desire to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Video of Jonathan Westover

Jonathan Westover

Director, Academic Service Learning

Dr. Westover, who juggles many titles beyond that of being a director, such as serving as an Associate Professor in the Woodbury School of Business, expresses his distinctive outlook on the UVU experience.

"Student success is something at the heart of everything that I do."

Video of Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Custodian, Custodial Services

The positive relationship developed by faculty and staff show why Jesse enjoys being part of the UVU team.

"I know that all the faculty and staff...are really friendly and really respectful of me."
Video of DaSheek Akwenye

DaSheek Akwenye

Director, Campus Recreation & Wellness

DaSheek's robust energy will catch your attention as he explains why he loves what he does here as a devout Wolverine.

"I love that working for UVU I'm here to provide services...that help our students succeed within...and outside of the classroom."