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  • Most departments will have iPads on location specifically for employees to use to clock in and out.
  • Enter your UVID and when your picture appears, click on your job description.
  • Clocking out only requires UVID.
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To sign in for the first time:
  1. Go to my.uvu.edu
  2. Use your UVID as your username
  3. Use "Wolverine" followed by your eight-digit birthdate (MMDDYYYY) for your password
Go to MyUVU Login Instructions

UVU Email

UVU Email

To sign in to your email:

  1. Log into MYUVU
  2. Click on the Employee tab on the left side
  3. Click into Outlook.com on the right side
  4. The username is UVID@uvu.edu and password is UVU Password
Check out UVU Email Instructions

Lunch Breaks:

In compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, all full-time non-exempt employees may take a duty-free lunch break of no less than 30 minutes, and no more than 60 minutes. Non-exempt employees must clock out during this time.

15-Minute Breaks:

In addition to lunch, non-exempt employees may take one 15-minute paid rest break for every four hours worked. Rest breaks may not be used to 1) offset late arrival or early departure, 2) extend the meal period, or 3) accumulate paid time off from one day to the next. Non-exempt employees do not need to clock out during these breaks.

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