Affiliated Programs

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field which explores the complex links between human culture and the natural world.

Ethics Center

The Center for the Study of Ethics is an academic organization serving the campus of Utah Valley University in the advancement of interdisciplinary ethics education.

Gender Studies

The Gender Studies Minor allows students to study the extent to which gender and gender relations are socially influenced.

Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies appeals to students with interests and capabilities in more than one scholarly discipline. The program trades disciplinary depth for cross-disciplinary research and writing that culminate in a senior thesis. Integrated Studies works well for creative, self-motivated students who don't want to leave behind multiple areas of interest to focus exclusively on a single discipline.

Peace & Justice

The Peace & Justice Studies Program seeks to understand reasons for and solutions to the complex problems of violence and injustice and to contribute to peaceful and just alternatives.

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Program at Utah Valley University fosters and facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of religion.