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The Religious Studies Program at Utah Valley University fosters and facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of religion. Due to its influential role in local, national, and international contexts, religion requires careful study utilizing academic methods employed in the examination of other social institutions. This includes the study of the history, theology, literature, folklore, etc. of various religions in an effort to study religion as a cultural phenomenon. The program is intended to serve our students and community by deepening our understanding of religious beliefs and practices in a spirit of open inquiry. Its aim is to create an environment in which a variety issues can be engaged from a variety of perspectives and methodologies. A religious studies minor will complement a variety of majors and contribute to a well-rounded educational experience by exposing students to multiple disciplines.

   Interfaith Leadership Lab                               2018 Interfaith Leadership Lab 

2018 Interfaith Leadership Lab

April 20th - 21st, 2018

Join Utah Valley University and a team of regional colleges and universities for the 2018 Interfaith Leadership Lab hosted in partnership with Interfaith Youth Core. 200 students from across the intermountain west will gather to engage issues of religious diversity on their campuses and explore best practices to advance student interfaith leadership.

Visit the event page for schedule and registration information Interfaith Leadership Lab

   Interreligious Engagement                           Interreligious 

Interfaith Student Council goes to New York City

UVU's incoming Interfaith Student Council for '17-'18 traveled to New York City for a 5-day interreligious immersion experience during which they engaged with a variety of religious traditions, religious leaders, scholars, and interfaith advocates. 

The Interreligious Engagement Initiative (IRI) is a project designed to support a variety of academic and engagement activities related to the study and practice of religion in comparative and cross-cultural contexts.Intercultural understanding is an educational imperative in higher education and is among the core values of Utah Valley University.

Each year a group of students selected to represent diverse religious and ethical voices to serve as campus leaders to widen inter religious education, understanding, and cooperation. 

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