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Translated from the Greek, “sophia” means wisdom and is a fundamental concept in western philosophy, religion, and other influential traditions. Sophia is the only student publication on campus dedicated to literary philosophical thought and criticism on topics that range from politics, to religion, to culture, and everything in between. The journal also publishes analyses and reflections of art, music, and other artifacts. The Sophia staff is comprised entirely of student volunteers, and there are two ways to get involved...

Work on Sophia

Sophia is always looking for copy editors, typesetters, managing editors, technical editors, and editor-in-chiefs to build a cohesive team. Working on Sophia is a valuable experience for those planning to apply to graduate school or get involved in the extracurricular hustle of publication, as well as a great opportunity to continue thinking about questions posed in philosophical thought or upper-division courses.

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Publishing in Sophia provides a notable addition to a professional résumé or an academic curriculum vitae. The journal encourages current students (and recent graduates) to submit academic essays that thoroughly engage philosophical literature and thought. Submissions are chosen for publication by a panel of student editors in a double-blind selection process. Selected essays will be considered for publication pending a revision process in which editors and authors work together to polish the piece.

Recommendations: Consider submitting an essay that received a good grade in a previous course. These papers are great foundations for Sophia publications. Remember that you can expand and/or develop a paper prior to submitting with the help of an instructor or mentor.

Requirements: 8-15 pages (double spaced) and a bibliography.

Responsibilities: Authors whose papers are accepted commit to completing extensive revisions on their paper, as well as participating in editorial workshops with faculty advisors and student staff.

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Sophia Vol. VII 2017

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Thomas Bretz

Thomas Bretz
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
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