UVU offers a variety courses and programs focused on religious diversity and interfaith dialogue. These activities advance religious understanding and cooperation through academic scholarship, student engaged learning, and community partnerships.

Intercultural understanding is imperative in higher education and among the core values of Utah Valley University. Because religion lies at the heart of cultural identity and relationships, the university is committed to finding ways to facilitate dialogue across religious, ethical, and ideological divides.

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Foundations of Inclusion

These workshops explore religious and worldview diversity at UVU. Participants learn about changing demographics, leadership practices for engaging religion on higher education campuses, and how religious and spiritual diversity can better connect to the educational experience.


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Interfaith Student Council

The Interfaith Student Council (IFSC) supports and facilitates activities for students from a variety of worldview and faith traditions. The council aims to strengthen both academic achievement and student engagement that widens exposure to religious and cultural diversity and inclusion skills encouraging interpersonal engagement and interfaith action.

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Reflection Center

A place for MeditationPrayerReflection, or other forms of individual religious expression including opportunities for interreligious dialogue, interfaith education, and spiritual practice. Utah Valley University is committed to providing meaningful activities that contribute to students’ physical, academic, social, and spiritual well-being whether you believe in God, Gods, or no god.

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Campus Events

As part of UVU's commitment to educating the whole person, the university has prioritized the effort to shape the university as an inclusive institution, a place in which people of all faiths, or those choosing no faith, will be welcomed and supported.

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Community Partners

UVU has developed partnerships with local organizations that cultivate understanding across religious boundaries and which further the engagement mission of the university. The organizations below are active partners in connecting UVU students, faculty and staff with these important community resources.

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