What Can You Do with a Background in the Humanities?

It's a question that we get asked often. Meet some of our alumni and learn how they used their Humanities education to accomplish some amazing things!

Torben and Travis

Torben Bernhard and Travis Low

Documentary Filmmakers

Torben and Travis met while taking a course from Senior Artist in Residence Alex Caldiero back in 2006. After the class ended, the pair decided to document Caldiero's life in a full-length documentary, a project that would eventually become their Integrated Studies capstone project. The Sonosopher: Alex Caldiero in Life . . . in Sound premiered before a sold-out audience at the Salt Lake City Library three years later.

Those three years spent making the film served as a sort of film school for the two students. They learned how to operate the camera, capture sound, and edit it all together. They also learned a lot about raising money, marketing, and shipping a quality product on time. In March of 2010 they showed their film at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA.

Soon after The Sonosopher wrapped they started working on their next project, a collection of short documentary films around a central theme. The Lost & Found Series is still a work in progress, but already the three films that have been released have met with critical success, with premieres at major festivals and even some awards. Torben's wife Marissa, a graduate from BYU's film school, joined Torben and Travis to form a film collective known as OHO Media.

In 2013, OHO Media was approached by local NPR radio host Doug Fabrizio to be a part of a new offshoot of Doug's award-winning show Radio West. Video West is "a space for local filmmakers to produce and share a variety of short films and documentaries."

One of the first stories they tackled for Video West centered around Eri Hayward, a young trans woman from Utah Valley. Transmormon has now been viewed by over a million people across the world.

Torben currently works as a freelance editor and videographer. Travis works as an antiquarian bookseller at Ken Sanders Rare Books. Both of them live in Salt Lake City.