Humanities Faculty

Regular Faculty

Scott Abbott

Scott Abbott

Professor • Humanities, Integrated Studies, Philosophy
CB 311E • 801-863-8537

Ph.D. German Literature, Princeton University

AOS: German Romanticism, Literature and Philosophy 

Kim Abunuwara

Kim Abunuwara

Associate Professor • Humanities, Integrated Studies
CB 311E • 801-863-6266

Ph.D. Theatre & Film, Brigham Young University

AOS: Theatre, Performance Studies, Divinity in the Arts

Alex Caldiero

Alex Caldiero

Senior Artist in Residence • Humanities
CB 211B • 801-863-8038

Queens College, City University of New York

AOS: Poetry, Intermedia, History of the Avant-Gardes.

Michaela Giesenkirchen-Sawyer

Michaela Giesenkirchen-Sawyer

Associate Professor • Humanities
CB 211F • 801-863-6304

Ph.D. English, Washington University

AOS: American Modernist Literature, Gertrude Stein, Intersection of Literature, Film, Music, and Art with Science and Philosophy.

alexandra karl

Alexandra Karl

Lecturer • Humanities
CB 211D • 801-863-6304

Ph.D. History of Art, University of Cambridge

AOS: Darwinism in Art, Contemporary Art (Utah and International), Criticism, Museums.

Samuel Liang

Samuel Liang

Associate Professor • Chinese Studies, Humanities

Program Director • Humanities
CB 211E • 801-863-6266

Ph.D. Art History, Binghamton University—SUNY

AOS: Modern Architecture & Urbanism, Chinese Cultural Studies, Chinese Art History, Theories of Modernity, Postcolonial Cities.

Leslie Simon

Leslie Simon

Associate Professor • Humanities
CB 211G • 801-863-8128

Ph.D. English Literature, Boston University

AOS: 19th Century Literature and Culture, Relation of Literature to Mathematics, Structures of Narrative, The Rise of the Novel.

Adjunct Faculty

Randall Bernhard
Ph.D. Theatre and Cinematic Arts, Brigham Young University

Edwin Firmage
M.A. Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, University of California, Berkeley

Eric Fossum
M.A. Classical Studies, University of Missouri-Columbia

Steven Hall
M.F.A. Dramatic Writing, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

Kimberli Lawson
Ph.D. English, University of Iowa

Julie Paz
M.A. Spanish Literature and Pedagogy, Brigham Young University

Charlotte Poulton
Ph.D. History of Art, University of York

Eric Robertson
M.A. Environmental Humanities, University of Utah 

Ashli Sharp
M.A. Humanities, Brigham Young University

Kathy Shaw
M.A. Art History and Curatorial Studies, Brigham Young University

Jonathan Smith
M.A. Comparative Studies in Humanities, Brigham Young University