Philosophy Faculty

Department Chair

Shannon Mussett


Associate Chair

Pierre Lamarche


Academic Advisor

M.S. Academic Advising, Kansas State University

Admin Assistant


801.863.8352, LA-121


Ph.D. German Literature, Princeton University
AOS: German Romanticism, Literature and Philosophy


Ph.D. Philosophy of Religion and Theology, Claremont Graduate University
AOS: Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Wittgenstein


Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
AOS: Theoretical and Professional Ethics


Ph.D. Communication/Philosophy, University of Utah
AOS: Ethics, Communication Ethics, Media Ethics, Organizational Ethics, Interpersonal Ethics, Bioethics


Ph.D. Philosophy, University of New Mexico
AOS: Buddhist Philosophy, classical Indian Philosophy, Epistemology, and Metaphysics


Ph.D. Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin
AOS: Existential Phenomenology, Critical Theory, Post-structuralism, Marxism, History of Scepticism


Ph.D. Program in Political Thought, University of Utah
AOS: Political Philosophy, Democratic Theory, Peace and Justice, Moral Theory, and Christian Theology and Political Theory


Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Oklahoma
AOS: Philosophy of Childhood, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Education, and Ethics


Ph.D. Philosophy, Villanova University
AOS: German Idealism, Existentialism, Feminist Theory and Psychoanalytic Theory


PhD. Philosophy, University of California-Los Angeles
AOS: Epistemology


M.A. Philosophy, Florida State University
M.A. & A.B.D. Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
AOS: Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Religion, and History of Analytic Philosophy


Ph.D. Philosophy, Villanova University
AOS: Ancient Philosophy


Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
AOS: Early Modern Philosophy


Ph.D. Philosophy, Temple University
AOS: Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind