Philosophy Faculty

Regular Faculty

Scott Abbott

Scott Abbott

Professor • Humanities, Integrated Studies, Philosophy
CB 311E • 801-863-8537

Ph.D. German Literature, Princeton University

AOS: German Romanticism, Literature and Philosophy

Thomas Bretz

Thomas Bretz

Assistant Professor • Philosophy
CB 507J • 801-863-8775

Ph.D. Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago

AOS: Environmental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Deconstruction

Brian Birch

Brian Birch

Professor • Philosophy

Director • Center for the Study of Ethics, Religious Studies Program
CB 411H • 801-863-6363

Ph.D. Philosophy of Religion and Theology, Claremont Graduate University

AOS: Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Wittgenstein, Epistemology

Elaine Englehardt

Elaine Englehardt

Distinguished Professor • Ethics

Professor • Philosophy
CB 411C • 801-863-6464

Ph.D. Communication/Philosophy, University of Utah

Olsen Senior Fellow in Ethics, University of Virginia, Darden Graduate School of Business

AOS: Ethics, Moral Theory, Professional and Practical Ethics, Business Ethics, Media Ethics, Engineering Ethics

Laura Guerrero

Laura Guerrero

Assistant Professor • Philosophy
CB 507P • 801-863-7315

Ph.D. Philosophy, University of New Mexico

AOS: Buddhist Philosophy, Classical Indian Philosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics

Wayne Hanewicz

Wayne Hanewicz

Professor • Integrated Studies, Philosophy
CB 311H • 801-863-6343

Ph.D. Classical Political Theory and Philosophy, University of Michigan

AOS:  Buddhist Studies, Psychoanalysis and Archetypes, Thinking and Consciousness Studies, Quantum Paradigm

Jorgen Hansen

Jorgen Hansen

Lecturer • Philosophy
CB 507G • 801-863-5673

M.A. Philosophy, University of California, Riverside

Pierre Lamarche

Pierre Lamarche

Professor • Philosophy

Chair • Department of Philosophy & Humanities
CB 507B • 801-863-8214

Ph.D. Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin

AOS: Existential Phenomenology, Critical Theory, Post-Structuralism, Marxism, History of Skepticism

Michael Minch

Michael Minch

Professor • Philosophy

Director • SUMMIT: The Sustainable Mountain Development & Conflict Transformation Global Knowledge & Action Network
CB 507N • 801-863-7482

Ph.D. Program in Political Thought, University of Utah 

AOS: Political Philosophy, Democratic Theory, Peace and Justice, Political Ecology, Christian Theology and Political Theory

Karen Mizell

Karen Mizell

Professor • Philosophy
CB 507Q • 801-863-8758

Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Oklahoma

AOS: Philosophy of Childhood, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Education, Ethics


Shannon Mussett

Shannon Mussett

Professor • Philosophy
CB 507F • 801-863-6264

Ph.D. Philosophy, Villanova University 

AOS: German Idealism, Existentialism, Feminist Theory


C. Thi Ngyuen

C. Thi Nguyen

Associate Professor • Philosophy
CB 507M • 801-863-5490

Ph.D. Philosophy, University of California–Los Angeles

AOS: Epistemology

Kelli Potter

Kelli D. Potter

Associate Professor • Philosophy
CB 507D • 801-863-8817

M.A. & A.B.D. Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

M.A. Philosophy, Florida State University 

AOS: Philosophy of Religion, History of Analytic Philosophy

Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw

Professor • Philosophy
CB 507C • 801-863-6265

Ph.D. Philosophy, Villanova University

AOS: Ancient Philosophy


Eric Stencil

Eric Stencil

Associate Professor • Philosophy
CB 507H • 801-863-5489

Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

AOS: Early Modern Philosophy


Christine Weigel

Christine Weigel

Professor • Philosophy
CB 507K • 801-863-6191

Ph.D. Philosophy, Temple University

AOS: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind

Adjunct Faculty

Kindra Amott
M.A. Conflict Transformation, Eastern Mennonite University

Scott Amott
M.A. Conflict Transformation, Eastern Mennonite University

Michael Arts
M.A. Philosophy, Free University

Shannon Atkinson
M.A. Philosophy, University of Utah

Jacob Baker
M.A. Religion, Claremont Graduate University

Ron Bohannon
M.A. Philosophy, Brigham Young University

Claudia Boulter
LL.M., Michigan State University

Daniel Caudel
M.A. English Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Eastern Washington University

John Christensen
M.A. History, University of Utah

Alan Clark
M.A. Religious Education, Brigham Young University

Alan William Clarke
Ph.D. International Law, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University History

Loyd Ericson
M.A. Philosophy of Religion and Theology, Claremont Graduate University

Christopher Hurtado
M.A. Nonproliferation and Terrorist Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies

David Jackson
Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Utah

Alexander James
Ph.D. Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University

Paul Kirk
J.D. University of Seattle School of Law

Bradley Kramer
M.A. History, University of Utah

Summer McDaniel
M.A. Liberal Studies, Dartmouth College

Joseph Miller
Ph.D. Classical Studies, Duke University

Jeffrey Nielsen
Ph.D. Philosophy, Boston College

Matthew Nagel
M.T.S. Theology, Vanderbilt Divinity School

Ben Rankin
B.S Philosophy, Utah Valley University
B.A. Musicology, Carleton College

Shane Smith
M.S. Philosophy, University of Utah

Gregory Blake Spendlove
M.A. Philosophy of Religion, Trinity International University

Tyler Stoehr
M.A. Philosophy, University of Utah

Blair Van Dyke
Ph.D. Educational Philosophy, Brigham Young University

Mary Annette Velarde
M.S. Humanities, American Public University

Mike Walker
M.A. History, Brigham Young University

Nathaniel Peter Walton
M.S. Criminal Justice, Weber State University

BreAnn Washburn
M.B.A. Marketing/Operations Management, Brigham Young University

Eli Watson
M.B.A. E-Business, University of Phoenix

Nicholas Webster
M.A. Philosophy, University of Wyoming

David Wentworth
M.S. Philosophy, University of Utah

Ken White
Ph.D. Buddhist Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison