Faculty and Student Research

The UVU Physics Department has several opportunities for undergraduate research. Currently we have students working on projects in particle physics-new, geophysics-new, semiconductor physics-new and in physics-new education.

The department is in the process of putting together a small semiconductor technology laboratory for student projects in many areas from sensor science to photovoltaics.

Students wishing to participate in physics-new research should contact a faculty member directly to discuss options that are available. The following list of faculty and their expertise may help you find a suitable project:

Karl Haisch Jr.

Karl is an observational astronomer specializing in infrared studies of young stellar objects. His students have helped him look for extremely young and small sub-stellar objects.

Office: PS 205
Phone: (801) 863-6473
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Phil Matheson

Phil Matheson and his students model “perturbed angular correlation” experiments, which are used to characterize the nature and physics of defects in solid materials.

Office: PS 212c
Phone: (801) 863-7161
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Paul Mills

Paul Mills maintains an active interest in optics and research interests in historical astronomy.

Office: PS 212e
Phone: (801) 863-8633
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Alex Panin

Alex Panin is a plasma physics, with a wide interest in many physical problems, including the modeling of the physics neutron stars and black holes. He and his students present their novel studies regularly at regional physics conferences.

Office: PS 003a
Phone: (801) 863-8543
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John Powell

Interest in astrophysics-new, stellar populations and yellow giant stars.

Office: PS 202e
Phone: (801) 863-6921
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Steve Wasserbaech

Steve Wasserbaech is an experimental particle physicist and is a collaborator with CERN’s Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva.

Office: PS 228
Phone: (801) 863-7498
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Bonnie Andersen

Bonnie Andersen has interests in acoustics and thermoacoustics, particularly in applications of thermoacoustic engines. Her students have won several awards for their work at regional physics conferences.

Office: PS 009f
Phone: (801) 863-6839
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Timothy Doyle

Timothy Doyle has broad expertise in acoustics and characterization of materials. He has several active research areas, including applications of high frequency ultrasound to medical imaging in cancer research. He and several of his research students recently traveled to Vienna, Austria to collaborate with researchers at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.

Office: PS 225
Phone: (801) 863-5410
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Joseph Jensen

Joseph Jensen and his students conduct research in surface brightness fluctuations of distance galaxies as means of using these to establish an independent method for determining cosmic distances.

Office: PS 212g
Phone: (801) 863-8666
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Kim Nielsen

Kim Nielsen and his students use all-sky infrared cameras to characterize gravity waves in the mesosphere and to study the other upper atmospheric phenomena such as air glow.

Office: PS 209
Phone: (801) 863-8960
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Ray Perkins

Ray Perkins was a cofounder of the Moxtek corporation and worked there as their vice president of research. He has extensive experience in many experimental techniques and instrumentation.  He is looking for students to work with him on several projects.

Phone: (801) 863-

Cyrill Slezak

Cyrill Slezak is an active researcher in the field of physics education and welcomes students who would like to participate with him in educational research. He also uses computational physics techniques to study large scale, massively complex, interacting systems.

Office: PS-212C
Phone: (801) 863-6205
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Paul Weber

Paul Weber is developing a program in applied solid state physics. He and his students are bringing up a lab with a suite of instruments to explore device fabrication and nanotechnology.

Office: PS 211
Phone: (801) 863-8692
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