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Nanotechnology is used to build the circuitry at the heart of all advanced devices that run our civilization today.

But beyond this, advances in nanotechnology have significantly influenced the synthesis of new materials, manufacturing methods, medicine, and development of new systems and devices. Nanoscience is critical to many high-technology and manufacturing industries in Utah, and the state and our country are faced with a rising need for skilled workers in this field.

In response to the urgent workforce need in local industries, Utah Valley University (UVU) has developed curricula to train students in nanotechnology principles., including hands-on experience with basic fabrication processes and advanced measurement devices. Introductory nanotechnology courses and associated modules have been developed for community college students and other introductory-level undergraduate students. The courses include:

  • Laboratories that start with basic exercises, and progress to photolithography, sputter deposition, electron microscopy and laser profilometry.
  • Virtual-reality learning modules with high-fidelity simulation of experimental methods and processes. These virtual-reality techniques allow students the opportunity to learn from their mistakes without the disadvantage of depleting resources or trying to assemble flawed designs in the laboratory. The virtual-reality modules can also provide an effective alternative in circumstances where advanced equipment may not be available.
  • Learning modules that incorporate multimedia, interactive, online elements.
  • Teaching resources, such as open-source class presentations, and laboratory guides.

All the materials available on this website are free for general use, including powerpoint slides for teaching introductory course discussions at a level suitable for community college students (PHYS 1600).

Free tours of our facilities are available on request. We also engage with local high schools through outreach programs, and summer day camp experiences for junior high and high school students with simplified lab experiments from the course to expose and engage students in nanotechnology.

VR Simulations for Teaching Nanotechnology Instrumentation Webinar

VR Simulations for Teaching Nanotechnology Instrumentation Webinar
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