SEM Intro

This video introduces the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and shows modern SEM’s. The video also gives a brief introduction to the purpose of an SEM and how it works.

SEM Tutorial

This video shows you how to operate the Test Scan Mega 3 Scanning Electron Microscope. You will learn specifically about the software Vega TC.

Dry Etching

Etching is a simple process in which you remove some of a substrate surface. There are two types of etching, Dry and Wet etching. This video gives an overview of Dry Etching, an important process used in nanotechnology manufacturing.

Photolithography Intro

Photolithography is one of the most widely used methods for creating nanoscale circuit components. Photolithography is a process that uses light to transfer a pattern onto a light-sensitive material called a resist. By applying a pattern to the resist and exposing it all to light that pattern can be imprinted into the resist. Circuits can be made by creating specific patterns in the resist in multiple layers.

Electron Beam Lithography Intro

Nanotechnology is all around us. Everyday we are using devices that are products of tools that are becoming more and more sophisticated. The scanning electron microscope is one of those tools that make it possible for your phone, calculator, internet, computer and favorite game to fit right in your pocket on one device. To do this, the SEM uses a process called Electron beam (E-beam) Lithography.

Learning Modules


Fundamentals of Photolithography

Fundamentals of Photolithography Module
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