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The Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning serves as a resource for best practices in university planning, improvement, and assessment initiatives. The department communicates planning activities to the campus community and helps departments and units develop strategic plans, improve key processes, assess institutional needs, and align unit level objectives and goals with the institutional mission.

Planning at Utah Valley University is composed of coordinated planning documents, processes, time cycles, and responsible bodies. The central guiding documents are the University's Mission, Core Themes, Administrative Imperatives, Objectives, Indicators, and Measures. Achievement of Core Themes and Administrative Imperatives is assessed on an ongoing basis through a series of indicators and measures. These indicators and measures are reviewed annually, along with external conditions affecting the university, by the University Planning Advisory Committee (UPAC). UPAC then makes recommendations to the President's Cabinet based on its planning activities and observations.

UVU Planning Model

Utah Valley University’s planning efforts aim to improve the institution’s capacity to fulfill its mission, sustain its values, and provide enhanced services to its students and stakeholders. Ideally, planning is going on at all levels of the Institution, from the President's Cabinet down to individual departments and units. Furthermore, planning should be aligned, meaning that departments are aligning their mission statements, objectives and goals with the Institutional Mission, Core Themes, and Administrative Imperatives. To the right, we present a planning model that is meant to articulate a simplified concept of planning at UVU. This model is cyclical and represents a continuous guide for aligned planning and improvement efforts. An explanation of this model and a planning guide are available in the links to the far right.