In my work area, we have identified a need to create a new policy or update an existing policy. How do I get started?

You and your manager should start by discussing the policy need with the member of President’s Council your area reports to (this would typically be a vice president). The President’s Council member will help you clarify the policy need, identify a steward, and provide suggestions for writing committee members.

I have been appointed a policy steward and have not participated in the UVU policy process before. Is there any training available?

Yes. The Policy Office has developed a thirty-minute training presentation that we can come and present to you and your group. Please contact the Policy Office to schedule a training meeting.

What kind of assistance can I expect from the Policy Office during the policy development process?

The Policy Office’s responsibility is to provide editorial and administrative support to policy sponsors and stewards. We will guide you through each stage and educate you on what you need to do next in the process.

Is there a specific format I need to use for the policy?

The Policy Office has developed approved templates for use by the University to provide uniform structure and format to UVU’s policies:


  • Executive Summary template—Policy stewards use this form to submit a request to enter a policy in the policy development process.
  • Policy Template—Policy stewards use this template to draft and revise the policy.


These templates are available upon request from the Policy Office. Please note that with a few exceptions, the Policy Office follows the Chicago Manual of Style and will ensure all policies conform to it.