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Letters of Recommendation

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

To make a good impression provide the following information to each letter writer: 

  • Letter of Intent
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume 
  • Picture
  • Where to send it (pre-addressed envelope if they are off campus or instructions on how to submit electronically)

Ask the question: "Will you write me an excellent LOR?" This gives the letter writer the opportunity to decline. If they're hesitant you might want to ask someone else. 

Who should I ask?

Be sure whomever you ask knows you well enough to objectively assess things such as: 

  • Academic Ability
  • Maturity
  • Team Work
  • Compassion
  • Leadership
  • Communication Skills

Keep in mind that a poor letter will hurt your application and cannot be countered by good letters. 

You will need to research individual schools where you are applying to determine which letters you need. 

You may need letters from the following: 

  • 2-3 science professors
  • 1 non-science professor
  • 1 professional in field you're pursuing
  • 1 supervisor from volunteer, research, and/or shadowing
  • 1 supervisor of your choice
  • Pre-Health / Academic Advisor

Things to Consider:

  • UVU does NOT provide a committee letter
  • Do NOT ask a family member to write a LOR for you
  • Try to avoid asking Clergy/Bishops
  • Build a rapport with people you shadow, work, or volunteer with as preparation for requesting a letter of recommendation. Be on time, work hard, learn as much as you can and , most importantly, be yourself. 
  • If you do not think someone will write you a strong letter of recommendation, DO NOT ASK THEM FOR ONE. A bad letter can kill your application even if the rest are stellar. 
  • Ask from professors who have taught you in a classroom setting. No lab instructors. 
  • Letters of recommendation are expected to be confidential and should be not be viewed by the student. You will be asked to waive your right to view the letters, but you also have the right to deny the waiver. If you choose to deny the waiver, you are required to inform all of your letter writers that you will have access to their letters. 


Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Students



veCollect InstructionsveCollect



                         1. Make sure your quiver locked

                         2. Double Check that all of your ID's are correct.

                                      -MD Schools : AAMC ID and AMCAS letter ID

                                      -DO schools: AACOMAS ID

                                      -Dental: AADSAS 

                                     - Texas Schools: TMDSAS ID

                         3. You can add ID numbers to veCollect by clicking on "my Account" in the top right corner &  "click to update my account details"

                         4. Verify that your institutions have been added and are correct 


 How to Submit your Letters

              There are 3 possible ways to have your letters of recommendation submitted:

                      1. Have your letter writers mail their signed Letter of Recommendation to the address listed below.  This is best for letter writers who 
                          may  not be computer savvy.  The Pre-Health Office will create an electronic version of the letter and post it to your veCollect account
                          once the hard copy is  received. 

                                                                                                      Pre-Health Professions
                                                                                                      Utah Valley University – MS 101
                                                                                                      800 West University Parkway
                                                                                                      Orem, UT 84058


                      2. The letter writer may submit an electronic PDF or Word document that includes their signature and letterhead to veCollect.  This
                           may be a scanned PDF copy or a Word document that has the signature and letterhead added electronically.  If your letter writer
                           prefers this method, you will  need to send them the email request from veCollect under the My Evaluators section.


                     3. As a last result, you can pick the letter up and deliver it to the UVU Pre-Health Office.  In this case, the letter must be in a sealed
                         envelope with the letter writer's signature over the seal
 to ensure confidentiality. *If the letter writer is on campus they can also
                         personally deliver it to  our office*


 If You've had veCollect Previously

  • Your veCollect account only goes from February-January (one year), it will then be deleted from the system. If you would like to re-use your same letters you will need to re-create an account and the letter records before we can upload them. For further questions about this process you can either call or email our office.