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*Starting May 21st Denise will be doing walk-ins only due to a family situation. Please call the morning of to check availability 801-863-6484. 



Denise Fullmer

Pre-Health Counselor

Pre-Physician Assistant (PA),
Pre-Veterinary, Pre-Pharmacy,
Pre-Respiratory Therapy


Denise Fullmer


A respiratory therapist is a specialized practitioner who treats people with health challenges affecting the heart and lungs such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiovascular disorders, and trauma. Respiratory Therapists provide care to patients of all ages— from premature infant to geriatrics—and are trained on advanced medical equipment and technology. To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy, a minimum of 123 semester credits, including at least 40 hours of upper division credits, must be completed


UVU Respiratory Therapy
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