Presidential Interns

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Intern Bios

Lacee Meyer

Lacee Meyer - Lead Intern, Intern to President Astrid S. Tuminez

Lacee Meyer is studying Political Science with an emphasis in Peace and Justice Studies. Before beginning as a student at UVU, Lacee completed her first internship with MiLB through the Anaheim Angels organization. She later completed three other internships, working as an intern for the Utah State House of Representatives and as both a District and Congressional Intern for Congressman John Curtis. She has also worked as a successful campaign manager for a Utah state representative. Lacee has attended three study-abroad programs; to Northern Ireland to study the conflict between the IRA and UVF, to Russia to understand post-Cold War politics, and most recently to Oxford, England to study the American Constitution. She has served in the leadership of the UVU Christine M. Durham Pre-Law Club, the Peace and Justice Studies Club, and the Utah International Mountain Forum.

Currently, Lacee is an Instructional Assistant for the History and Political Science Department, generally specializing in early-American history and politics. She is an honors student, and is actively engaging and researching criminal justice reform policies.

After graduating from UVU, Lacee hopes to attain an MA in Conflict Transformation, a Juris Doctorate, and a PhD in Public Policy. She plans to have a career in criminal justice reform, in which she would like to see the death penalty abolished and a system of restorative justice introduced. She hopes to put forth policies in the American government system that allow for a holistic understanding of struggling populations.




Andrew Jensen

Andrew Jensen - Intern to President Astrid S. Tuminez

Andrew Paull Jensen is a junior majoring in National Security Studies with a minor in Applied Data Analytics. Jensen spent the summer at the University of Cambridge studying international security and intelligence. He has written extensively on post-conflict ethnic reintegration, sustainable development, innovation, and system change. Previous to working with President Tuminez, he worked as the Institutional Advancement Assistant at the Center for Constitutional Studies where he aided in business intelligence, strategic planning, and donor relations. He currently leads teams within the Residential Community Leaders, Honors program, and the LEAD program.

Jensen also works as an Innovation Catalyst on campus. In this position, he promotes innovation by utilizing design thinking, data analytics, and systems analysis to foster cross-campus interdisciplinary learning. This spring, he will travel to Silicon Valley to work at the and Google HQ as part of the Stanford Innovation Fellow program. Jensen is passionate about innovation, sustainability, and development. He hopes to pursue a graduate degree in computer engineering, interdisciplinary data analytics, and business administration with the eventual intent to work in the technology and non-profit sectors.




Kaydee Jo Jones

Kadee Jo Jones - Intern to Cameron Martin, VP of University Relations

Kadee Jo Jones is a junior studying Communication with an emphasis in Journalism. Upon her arrival to UVU, Kadee Jo was accepted into the Honors Program and published in the Journal of Student Leadership Volume I Issue II. Furthering her involvement, Kadee Jo completed an internship on Capitol Hill where she worked for Representative Jefferson Moss and assisted in his duties as Executive Appropriations Vice-Chair.

In her role within University Relations, Kadee Jo works with the Marketing, Communications, and Government Relations teams to foster positive relationships with the community, promote and protect UVU’s image and core values, and tell the UVU story to diverse audiences.

Kadee Jo is passionate about encouraging students to become leaders at a young age and played an elemental role in instituting the Know Greater Heroes program in elementary schools across Lehi City during her time as Miss Lehi 2017. More recently, she was crowned Miss UVU 2020. Kadee Jo loves to write and has had more than 100 articles published in various capacities. Upon her graduation, Kadee Jo plans on obtaining a master’s degree in Public Administration, followed by a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy.




Nathan Roundy

Zackory Bunkall - Intern to Scott Cooksey, VP of Institutional Advancement

Zackory Bunkall is pursuing a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Business Management. His hobbies include outdoor activities, playing sports, and creating lifelong memories with friends and family.

As a freshman, Zackory quickly became involved on campus through various student leadership programs. He received High Distinction in leadership from The Center of Advancement of Leadership during his two years in the program. During his four years at the university he has worked for the Office of Prospective Student Services’ Wolverine Ambassador Program. Zackory has served in roles as a Recruitment Ambassador, Project Lead, and an Ambassador Manager over recruitment efforts for the university. Additionally, he has served fellow students within the community’s various student housing projects by working as a Residential Community Leader for UVU. He attests that many of his skills have been developed through the various student engagement opportunities the university provides.

Being a Presidential Intern, Zackory can continue to build professional and leadership skills that will further advance him throughout his career. Zackory plans on attending graduate school after finishing his bachelor’s degree in the spring.




Bryan Aguayo-Meza

Bryan Aguayo-Meza - Intern to Belinda 'Otukolo Saltiban, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

Bryan is a senior at UVU majoring in Biology. He plans to pursue medical school and become a pediatrician in the future.

Bryan has thoroughly enjoyed his time at UVU, getting involved has helped him form new friendships and networks while improving his leadership skills. As a freshman, he was accepted into the UVU Ambassador Program in which he focused on reaching out to diverse student populations and being part of the team that created the annual Diversity Day at UVU. He spent three years in the Ambassador program, becoming a project lead his second year, and an Ambassador Manager his third and final year in the program. Bryan spent two summers as a mentor in UVU PREP, A summer school program that gives middle school students from underrepresented populations the opportunity to take college-level STEM courses. He has also received High Distinction in leadership from the UVU Center for Advancement of Leadership, been involved in research at the university, spent hundreds of hours volunteering, and has been a part of UVU’s Inclusion Committee for two years.

Proud of his Mexican heritage, he has enjoyed continuing many Mexican traditions while also incorporating new ones as a first-generation American. Some of Bryan’s hobbies include watching movies, spending time outdoors, and ballin’ up with the homies.



Ryan Griffith

Ryan Griffith - Intern to Val Peterson, VP of Finance and Administration

Ryan Griffith is a senior at Utah Valley University, majoring in National Security Studies. Since his first semester at UVU he has been involved with several on-campus organizations including the Ambassador program, Intramurals, UVUSA, and UVU’s Center for National Security Studies. During his time with the Center for National Security Studies Ryan helped create UVU’s Journal of National Security, one of the only undergraduate national security journals in the country. Additionally, he served as President of the UVU National Security Society, an on-campus student club focused on providing professional opportunities to students pursuing careers in national security. Ryan also helped create UVU’s bachelor’s degree in National Security Studies which debuted on campus in the Spring of 2019.

Ryan has a passion for public service and has spent significant time working for the Sutherland Institute, on the re-election campaign for Governor Gary Herbert, and currently as a policy intern for the Department of Defense where he focuses on Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction policy. After graduation Ryan plans on moving to the Washington D.C. area to pursue further education and a career in national security policy and strategy.

Being a native of Utah, Ryan loves spending time in the outdoors camping and hiking with his wife and friends. He also has a passion for quality food,  playing tennis, fine-tuning his guitar skills, and reading the occasional murder mystery.




Mackenzie Prows

Mackenzie Prows - Intern to Wayne Vaught, Provost and  VP of Academic Affairs

Kenzie will be graduating in Spring 2020 with an undergraduate in Legal Studies, a minor in Event Planning, and will have completed the necessary courses to earn her real estate license. In her time at UVU, she has had the opportunity to serve as a UVU Ambassador in alternative high schools, a UVUSA committee member, activities chair, and Vice President of Academics. Along with this internship, Kenzie spends her time volunteering with recently released inmates, planning events, and spending time with her husband.

After graduation she hopes to obtain employment at the Utah County Attorney’s Office where she interned this past summer. Kenzie plans to pursue a MBA at UVU post-graduation. Kenzie’s life career goals include working as a paralegal, running a wedding planning non-profit for low-income couples, working as a real estate agent, publishing her novels, and returning to UVU one day to work in academic affairs or in a leadership program.

Kenzie hopes to further develop her research, leadership, and communication skills while participating in the Presidential Internship to help prepare her for the workforce. She is excited to be able to work with the new Provost and learn from his example as she builds on her previous knowledge of executive leadership from her experiences in Academic Affairs Council and Faculty Senate.



Alessandra Camargo

Alessandra Camargo - Intern to Kyle Reyes, VP of Student Affairs

Alessandra Camargo is a senior at Utah Valley University studying Business Management with a minor in Marketing. Upon graduation, she plans on pursing a Master of Business Administration. Throughout her tenure at UVU, she has been involved with many on-campus organizations. As a New Student Orientation Leader, she served as a mentor and provided resources to incoming Wolverines. She also served on the Board of the Student Alumni Association, where she oversaw the marketing aspects of UVU’s most successful student giving campaign.

With family roots in Brazil, Alessandra is fluent in Portuguese. She has combined her love of traveling with a passion for serving others, traveling abroad on humanitarian trips to Cape Verde and Brazil. Through teaching English classes and assisting in the building of homes, she learned the value and importance of community service.

Having participated in many entrepreneurial events through UVU, including the National SkillsUSA Entrepreneurship competition where she earned first place, Alessandra has her sights set on starting her own business. As a Presidential Intern, she looks forward to educating students on the numerous on-campus programs and opportunities UVU has to offer.


Noah Martinez

Noah Martinez - Intern to Linda Makin, VP of Planning, Budget and Human Resources

Currently a junior at Utah Valley University, Noah is passionately studying Human Resources in the Woodbury School of Business. He has participated in consulting projects regarding companies' talent development, compensation, team building, and HRIS practices.

Noah holds the belief that helping others achieve the highest success they can is the greatest calling in life. He has lived this belief while at UVU through working as a freshman advocate and orientation leader. Additionally, Noah has served as the head of marketing for the Philanthropy Council and the executive vice president of the Student Alumni Association, through which he assisted in the raising of over $19,000 for first-generation scholarships

Noah’s long-term ambition is to work in HR management and then transition to a consulting professional-in-residency at a university. He is supported by his lovely wife Sammi.


Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson - Intern to Karen Clemes, General Counsel

Lauren is a senior pursuing a bachelors in English with an emphasis in Literary Studies and a minor in French. She came to UVU from Milford, Michigan as a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship and quickly became involved on campus in the UVU Honors Program, UVUSA as a Department Representative and French Club president, and as a volunteer staff member and eventual Editor-in-Chief for the Fall 2018 edition of Essais, UVU’s undergraduate journal for literary and cultural theory and criticism.

Lauren’s academic achievements include presenting her writings at two academic conferences: first in March 2019 at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference and second in April 2019 at UVU’s Humanities Symposium. Additionally, her own publication in Essais is forthcoming in Fall of 2019.

Aside from this internship, Lauren currently serves as an ambassador for the UVU Honors Program and vice-president to the French Club at UVU. Following graduation, Lauren would like to continue her education in pursuit of a juris doctorate or a PhD in Literature