Presidential Interns

UVU’s Presidential Internship Program is a prestigious internship housed in the Office of the President Astrid Tuminez, aiming to provide students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with UVU’s executive leadership team. Each intern will work directly with a member of UVU’s cabinet to create and implement high impact projects on behalf of UVU’s leadership and the university as a whole. Through working alongside cabinet, students will gain a greater knowledge of UVU’s mission, core values, and an inside look at higher education. Students will gain knowledge and skills that will enrich their academic, professional, and personal experiences.

23 - 24 Presidential Intern Group

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2023 - 2024 Presidential Interns

Bryson Finley

Bryson Finley - Lead Intern, Intern to Kara Schneck, Chief of Staff










David Nelson

David Nelson - Intern to President Astrid S. Tuminez











Avery Green

Avery Green - Intern to Kara Schneck










Day Rodriguez

Day Rodriguez - Intern to Dr. Wayne Vaught, VP of Academic Affairs









Lexi Elswood

Lexi Elswood- Intern to Marilyn Meyer, VP of People & Culture


Ashley Nelson

Ashley Nelson - Intern to Kyle Reyes, VP of Institutional Advancement






Henry Freeman

Henry Freeman - Intern to Jim Mortensen, VP of Finance and Auxiliary Services






Timerlyn Shaw

Timberlyn Shaw - Intern to Kat Brown, Deputy Provost 




Dongook Kim

Dongook Kim - Intern to Christina Baum, VP of Digital Transformation



Addison Hansen

Addison Hansen - Intern to Michelle Kearns, VP of Student Affairs






Kanui Peck

Kanui Peck - Intern to Clark Collings, General Counsel









Angela Alcala

Angela Alcala - Intern to Rasha Qudisat









Henry Wolthuis

Henry Wolthuis - Intern to Val Peterson, VP of Finance and Strategic Relations