Presidential Interns

UVU’s Presidential Internship Program is a prestigious internship housed in the Office of the President Astrid Tuminez, aiming to provide students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with UVU’s executive leadership team. Each intern will work directly with a member of UVU’s cabinet to create and implement high impact projects on behalf of UVU’s leadership and the university as a whole. Through working alongside cabinet, students will gain a greater knowledge of UVU’s mission, core values, and an inside look at higher education. Students will gain knowledge and skills that will enrich their academic, professional, and personal experiences.


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Intern Bios

Torri Deshler

Torri Deshler - Lead Intern, Intern to Kara Schneck, Chief of Staff

Lead Intern

Torri is a Public Relations major with a certificate in Digital Marketing. She has always valued getting involved because saying yes to something once keeps giving you more opportunities. As a transfer from BYU- Hawaii, Torri tried getting involved a UVU quickly so she could get the most out of her college experience. She became the president of PRSSA and is now a Presidential Intern for UVU’s Chief of Staff. Torri’s father was in the military so she grew up moving every three years. She has been to 48 of the 50 states and over 20 countries. Her explorations have led her on so many adventures including swimming with dolphins, skydiving, and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. After graduation in spring 2023, Torri wants to continue her branded love for adventure and the outdoors by working for Kodiak Cakes in Park City. Torri believes the best education you could ever get out of UVU is by taking advantage of its many unique offers to participate in learning outside the classroom. 








Isaac Smith

Isaac Smith - Intern to President Astrid S. Tuminez

Isaac Smith is studying information systems at Utah Valley University and is a presidential intern to President Astrid S. Tuminez. Shortly after being born in Utah, he and his parents moved to Daejeon and Seoul, South Korea, where he grew up most of his life. Before the Presidential Internship, Isaac worked at Goldman Sachs to build new financial partnerships for consumers. He also worked at Podium as an integrations manager and at Domo as a product manager for data connectors. Isaac thrives on helping others improve at their jobs using the new software systems and tools made available to them. Seeking opportunities to help people be more proficient and embrace the changing work environment as we head into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Isaac enjoys baking for others, running and road cycling to meditate, and eating food with friends.










Hannah Briceno

Hannah Briceno - Intern to Kara Schneck

Hannah Briceño is a Junior at Utah Valley University pursuing a degree in Digital Marketing with a double minor in Data Analytics and Business Management. She plans to graduate in spring of 2024 and pursue a Master degree in Business Analytics. Hannah started at UVU as a transfer student and has found that UVU really does desire their students to succeed! At UVU she has learned that a hands-on project based space is where she thrives. This has allowed Hannah to grow not only academically but professionally.While being at Utah Valley University Hannah has been involved with the Presidential Internship as well as participating as Co-President for Interfaith Student Council - a club on campus focusing on bridging people together through humanity and differences. As the Presidential Intern for University Marketing and Communications, Hannah wants to continue her passion for creating #APlaceForYou on UVU campus by sharing all the amazing things that UVU has to offer.









Porter Bischoff

Porter Bischoff - Intern to Dr. Wayne Vaught, VP of Academic Affairs

Hello! My name is Porter Bischoff, and I am a Junior here at UVU studying Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I am from Heber City, UT, and I am the oldest of five siblings. After my time at UVU comes to a close, I aspire to attend medical school, specifically in an MD/PhD program. I have had many medical experiences in the past, and I have always known that going into medicine is what I wanted to do. Here at my time at UVU, I found a real passion for research and found that I could potentially do more good for those who have medical experiences like me by working in medical research. I am the intern for Provost Wayne Vaught, and I have cherished the experiences that this internship has already brought me. It has changed my career path for the better, and I am grateful for him for being willing to be my mentor. I am a disappointed Utah Jazz fan, and between school, my family, work, my dog, and the Jazz, I don’t have time for much else. Here on campus, I am part of the Pre-Medical Association, a research lead in Dr. Britt Wyatt and Dr. Josh Premo’s lab, and an Honors’ Ambassador for the Honors Program. I love being a Wolverine, and my goal is to share that love for this university with all I come in contact with.








Deborah Colimon

Deborah Colimon - Intern to Marilyn Meyer, VP of People & Culture

Deborah is a senior at Utah Valley University, pursuing a degree in Psychology and a minor in Autism Studies. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend a Clinical Psychology PsyD or Ph.D. program to become a Clinical Psychologist. Deborah is a first-generation Haitian-American and college student who is passionate about serving her community and mental health. She currently serves as the president of the Black Student Union at UVU, is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., an organization dedicated to public service with a primary focus on the Black community.

Deborah has a demonstrated history of working with special needs school-aged children in school settings, and in the mental health care industry working in clinics and homes providing quality direct care ABA therapy. She also works as a job and supported living coach for adults in Utah county with special needs. She is very passionate about serving the members of her community and is constantly in pursuit of being an advocate and bettering the lives of disadvantaged children and families.

Now, as a presidential intern for People and Culture, Deborah’s focus is being an advocate for underserved and underrepresented groups at UVU. She now sits on several committees such as the UVU’s Women’s Council, MLK Commemoration Committee, Inclusion Task Force, and the Executive DEI Team, to ensure that the students and faculty feel safe and represented here at UVU.

Deborah is proud to be a Wolverine, where she feels that she has found her passions and community as she has navigated life in Utah after moving from Palm Beach, Florida. She believes that her time at UVU has given her opportunities to make countless connections and learn new skills that could be applied to her current and future work. In her free time, Deborah enjoys facetime calls with her nephew and collecting more house plants than she really needs.

Hayden Harward

Hayden Harward - Intern to Mark Arstein, VP of Institutional Advancement

Hayden Harward is a senior at Utah Valley University studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication with a minor in Event Planning. In her time at UVU, Hayden has been involved in several leadership programs across campus. One of those roles is a UVU Recruitment Ambassador where she is able to visit high schools, give tours, and share with the community how great Utah Valley University truly is. Along with that, she served on UVUSA Student Government for three years in several positions. She served as the Family Events Chair, Couples Events Chair, and then last year was the Vice President of Student Activities. This is largely where Hayden gained her love for events and decided that is what she wanted to study and pursue as a career. UVU has given Hayden so many opportunities to learn, grow, and discover her potential. She is a Proud Wolverine through and through! Hayden is excited to be continuing her UVU career as a Presidential Intern to the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Mark Arstein. In this position she is involved with UVU Executive Events, UVU Foundation Board, campaign initiatives, and expanding her skills in marketing and communications. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Spring 2023, Hayden plans to work in corporate events or marketing and communications, with her dream being to work for the Utah Jazz. Hayden is very passionate about building relationships and helping others and hopes to do that no matter where her career takes her. In her free time Hayden loves to go on walks, watch movies, go to the gym, and spend time with her family and friends.





Aaron Fairbourn

Aaron Fairbourn - Intern to Linda Makin, VP of Planning, Budget, and Finance

Aaron is a senior studying marketing and business management at UVU. He hails from Sandy, UT and hopes to score a position in product management post-graduation. Aaron believes that the greatest chance for success in life comes through putting yourself out there and getting your hands dirty. “Doing stuff is better than not doing stuff!” is his motto. Throughout his time at UVU, Aaron has served as a Director and Vice President on the Student Alumni board as well as a foundation ambassador. Outside of school, he enjoys running, hiking, pickleball and playing niche boardgames with his fiancé Nicole. He is very grateful to be in this prestigious internship and intends to make the most of it.





Mickelle Newkirk

Mickelle Newkirk - Intern to Kat Brown, Deputy Provost 

Hi, I'm Mickelle! I am a junior studying Public Relations and Political Science. I'm also part of UVUSA this year serving as the Parliamentarian, working to get students civically engaged. UVU has given me so much opportunity as a first-generation student and has led me to be the intern to Kat Brown in the Academic Affairs office this year. In my spare time I love listening to investigative journalism podcasts, watching ANY tv show, and listening to Taylor Swift. I hope to one day work in government communications or to be working with non-profits focused on victims of abuse and sexual assault. Go Wolverines!



Tayler Fearn

Tayler Fearn - Intern to Christina Baum, VP of Digital Transformation

Hello, my name is Tayler Fearn and I am the presidential intern for the VP of Digital Transformation, Chrisitina Baume. I hail from the scenic city of Vancouver, Canada. I traveled from the far off land of Canada to UVU in pursuit of a bioinformatics degree. I came for the degree but stayed because I fell in love with UVU and what it represents. Like UVU, I am passionate about inclusion, active engagement of diversity and excellence . These values have led me to participate in interfaith student council, the honors program, and the women’s rugby team for UVU. I look forward to combining my passion for inclusion with my expertise in technology to help UVU fulfill the goal of exceptional care.


Edna Warnick

Edna Warnick - Intern to Kyle Reyes, VP of Student Affairs

Edna Warnick is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work. She was born in southern California but was raised in Santaquin, UT. Since her freshman year, she has been actively involved in UVU programs. She was involved in the UVU Cultural Envoy Leadership Program, where she danced in the Latin group and celebrated her Hispanic Culture. She was also involved with UVU Student Alumni Association's projects and events. Last year, she was UVUSA's Family Events Chair and planned family friendly events for nontraditional students with children. Being in various leadership roles offered so many learning and networking opportunities. Edna is currently an Executive Events Ambassador where she helps coordinate and support Presidential and Institutional Advancement events. As Presidential intern for Kyle Reyes, she works closely with campus leadership to further inclusion efforts and improve the student experience. She sits on several committees such as the the UVU’s Women’s Council, Undocumented Student Support Taskforce, Refugee Initiative Taskforce, Student Affairs Marcom, and EID Executive team. She is gaining a stronger appreciation for all the work UVU is continually doing for the students and strives to share all the resources and services for students. Edna also currently holds another internship at Adoption Life agencies in Orem, UT; where she has the opportunity to receive real life experience in her future career field. She interacts with adoptive families and birth moms to provide necessary resources and/or services. Upon graduation, Edna plans to receive her social service worker license and work with family or children. She is a big fan of snow cones, plants, thrifting, and of course, UVU!





Hope Nelson

Hope Nelson - Intern to Clark Collings, General Counsel

Hope was born in Hangzhou, China, and was adopted to America when she was 4 years old. She grew up in South Jordan, Utah, where she currently resides. When Hope first decided to pursue a higher education degree, she chose to go to Utah State University (USU) in Logan, Utah. She had many great memories and upon returning home from her LDS mission to Vietnam, she decided to finish her Associate's degree at USU and transfer to UVU. At UVU, Hope is now pursuing a degree in Family Science. She also participates in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and simultaneously serves in the Utah National Guard. She has also been a part of many UVU student organizations like the Student Alumni Association, Student Government, and University Ambassadors. After graduation in December 2023, Hope plans to go to Law school and practice family law where she can help other families with their adoptions. Hope is very interested in working on the Legal side for the National Guard as well. It has always been important to Hope to love all and serve all. She loves that students can come to UVU and be who they want to be and be loved. There are many people to serve at UVU and even a small act of service can go a long way. In her personal time, she loves photography, to play sports, hike, learn new skills, and spend time with her family.








Priscilla Villasenor-Navarro

Priscilla Villasenor-Navarro - Intern to Rasha Qudisat

Priscilla Villaseñor-Navarro is a first-generation Mexican-Dominican, and first-generation student majoring in Integrated Studies who plans to graduate in the Spring of 2023. Priscilla started her time at UVU working in the Student Leadership and Involvement Office where she learned about the different opportunities and resources she has as a student. While learning how to get involved, and while building connections throughout campus, Priscilla became a Student Fellow at The Center for Social Impact – a campus department that provides curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular student experiences in six diverse pathways of social impact. During her time at The Center, she was able to lead initiatives related to community organization and activism. Through this experience, she realized her love and passion for equity, inclusion, and diversity (EID) work. As the Presidential Intern for the Office of Inclusion, Priscilla strives to create awareness of EID work that is currently being done on campus, and support initiatives by students. She is a firm believer that social change only happens at the speed of relationships and that relationships happen at the speed of trust.









Kaden Smart

Kaden Smart - Intern to Val Peterson, VP of Finance and Strategic Relations

My name is Kaden Smart, I am the intern for Vice President Val L. Peterson who oversees the Office of Administration & Strategic Relations. I am currently a Senior studying National Security Studies. This program has prepared me for a meaningful career in public service and has allowed me to apply what I am learning in the classroom into real world experience. After graduation I hope to research international conflicts and incidents. In my spare time I love to travel, play guitar, and play soccer.