Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University sales tax exempt?

  • The University is exempt from Utah State sales and use tax.  Our tax exempt number is 11843640-002-STC.  This number is printed at the bottom of all Purchasing Cards and Limited Purchase Checks.  Vendors may require a copy of our exemption certificate.  A copy of this certificate can be downloaded by clicking the link below.  You will need to fill in the Name of the Seller and the Date.
  • Exemption Certificate for Governments and Schools

What is a requisition?

  • A Requisition is a request created by a department and submitted to Procurement & Contract Services to create a Purchase Order. A Requisition is not a Purchase Order and should not be treated as such.
  • A requisition must be approved and a purchase order completed prior to ordering any goods or services.

How do I check the status of my requisition?

  • After submitting a requisition in Wolverine Marketplace, you can check the current status of a requisition by checking the Approvals workflow.
  • See Wolverine Marketplace Online Training.

What do I do if I have submitted a requisition and need a PO now?

  • First check to see if the requisition is fully approved. If the requisition has not been fully approved, see what current approval is pending and contact the individual(s) who need to approve the requisition. Once the requisition has been approved and the requisition has been routed to Procurement & Contract Services, please contact the appropriate buyer or our front desk (x8301) for assistance.

Can a requisition be changed after it has been completed?

  • A requisition can be returned to the original requester by any approver. Please contact the current approver to have them return the requisition to you for any necessary changes or edits.
  • See Wolverine Marketplace Online Training.

Can changes be made to a Purchase Order after it has been approved by Procurement?

  • Changes can be made to a Purchase Order after it has been approved by Procurement. Submit a Change Order Request Form in Wolverine Marketplace. All change order requests are reviewed and approved by the appropriate buyer. Once your request has been reviewed and approved, your will be notified by Wolverine Marketplace.
  • See Wolverine Marketplace Online Training.

Can I create a Requisition and get a Purchase Order to pay an individual?

  • Any service received from a company must be procured using a purchase order.
  • Any services from an individual must be procured using the Independent Contractor form found on Wolverine Marketplace under Accounts Payable Forms.

What should I do if I don’t know the exact dollar amount of the items I would like to purchase?

  • When creating a requisition, include accurate quantities and unit prices. If you don’t know the exact dollar amount of the items you would like to purchase, please make an educated guess.

How should I indicate that items are free on my requisition?

  • If there are items on your order that are free, please add them as a line on your requisition with a unit price amount of $0.
  • You should not use a $0 unit price amount if you do not know the exact price of your item. Zero dollar requisitions for items that have a cost will be returned to the requester.

How do I indicate that I need a standing order, or open PO, on my requisition?

When can I use a Sole Source procurement?

  • A sole source procurement may be used if a product or service is only available from a single supplier or for compatibility reasons.
  • If you are claiming your order is a sole source, please fill out the Sole Source form on Wolverine Marketplace and add it to your requisition, along with the actual items you are purchasing. Procurement will initially research your request, and if it is found to be a sole source, the requisition will be routed to obtain the proper approval, including Vice President approval. Note: Sole Source procurements over $50,000 must be publicly advertised for at least 7 days.
  • See Wolverine Marketplace Online Training.

What should I do if the vendor I want is not in Wolverine Marketplace?

  • When creating a requisition, if you are unable to find a vendor, choose Vendor Not Known as the vendor and enter the vendor's information as a comment or internal note on the requisition. Please include all vendor information, including: company name, address, phone number, email, fax number, and any other pertinent ordering information.
  • See Wolverine Marketplace Online Training.

What is the policy regarding bids?

  • If the total purchase, including freight charges, will exceed the small-dollar threshold, a solicitation for quotes/bids must be submitted to multiple vendors for competitive bidding. This policy applies to any purchase regardless of fund source.
  • Please include enough detail in the requisition to allow Procurement & Contract Services to proceed with the bid process. You may include a list of vendors that you would like us to include in the bid process in a comment or internal note on the requisition. (Note: Purchasing may include other vendors in the bid process.)
  • See Purchasing Thresholds
  • See Preparing Specifications and Scope of Work

If the items I want to purchase are available on State Contract, is a bid needed?

  • If you are using a current State Contract, a bid is not required for the purchase.
  • See Utah State Contracts

If we don’t have time to do a bid, can I just do two requisitions so the amount will be under the bid threshold?

  • The Utah State Procurement Code states that it is unlawful to artificially divide a procurement to avoid an established threshold. This includes submitting more than one requisition, making multiple transactions with a P-Card or LPC, or otherwise dividing the procurement.

I have changed my mind and no longer want to place an order. What should I do?

  • If a purchase order has been created, the order must be canceled with the vendor. Contact the vendor and cancel the order. Once the order has been canceled, send an e-mail to the buyer that processed the purchase order and list the PO number, reason for the cancellation, and verification that the order has been canceled with the vendor.
  • If a purchase order has not been created and the requisition is still waiting for approvals, contact the current approver to have them return the requisition to you.
  • If a purchase order has not been created and the requisition is waiting for the buyer to create a purchase order, contact the buyer to have them cancel the requisition.
  • A comment can be made on a requisition at any time throughout the approval process. Making a comment on a requisition is an easy way to notify an approver or buyer about the desire to cancel a requisition.
  • See Wolverine Marketplace Online Training.

What do I do if I want to change the vendor on a purchase order?

  • Contact the buyer that processed the purchase order and list the PO number, the new vendor information, and reason for the change. The buyer will work with you to complete the change.

What do I do if I receive an invoice?

  • Send all invoices to Accounts Payable (MS 109),

What do I do if I receive my order placed with a PO directly from a vendor and not through the Receiving department?

What do I do to pay a vendor for services performed that were ordered with a PO?

What software is available for use on campus machines?

  • UVU has site licenses for common desktop software. Please contact the area tech for your department to inquire about software that is available for install.
  • Software not available via site license can be purchased using a P-Card or by submitting a requisition in Wolverine Marketplace.
  • If software is purchased using a P-Card, the cardholder must register the software license on the P-Card Software Registration System.

What is the University Computer Shop?

  • UVU has established procedures and standards for the purchase of desktops and laptop computers in order to realize cost savings in volume purchasing and reduce the number of configurations that need to be supported.
  • A variety of parts and peripherals is also available for order.
  • Orders can be placed on the Computer Shop website. A requisition will be generated from the order and will be routed for approval.
  • Computers will be delivered to the area tech responsible for your area.

How do I determine if a proposed purchase is appropriate?

  • All items purchased by the University must have a clear business purpose that is in support of conducting University business and/or advancing the mission of the University.
  • As a Utah State Institution of Higher Education, Utah Valley University must ensure that all university funds are only used to support appropriate university business.
  • To find out what expenditures are appropriate and inappropriate see Policy 204: Appropriateness of Expenditures.