Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University sales tax exempt?

  • The University is exempt from Utah State sales and use tax.  Our tax exempt number is 11843640-002-STC.  This number is printed at the bottom of all Purchasing Cards and Limited Purchase Checks.  Vendors may require a copy of our exemption certificate.  A copy of this certificate can be downloaded by clicking the link below.  You will need to fill in the Name of the Seller and the Date.
  • Exemption Certificate for Governments and Schools

What software is available for use on campus machines?

  • Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, and other manufacture’s software can be purchased using the Software Ordering System. A requisition will be generated from the order entered into the Software Ordering System and will be routed for approval. The software will be installed by the area tech responsible for your area.
  • Software not listed on the Software Ordering System can be purchased using a P-Card or by submitting a requisition.
  • If software is purchased using a P-Card, the cardholder must register the software license on the P-Card Software Registration System.

What is the University Computer Shop?

  • UVU has established procedures and standards for the purchase of desktops and laptop computers in order to realize cost savings in volume purchasing and reduce the number of configurations that need to be supported.
  • A variety of parts and peripherals is also available for order.
  • Orders can be placed on the Computer Shop website. A requisition will be generated from the order and will be routed for approval.
  • Computers will be delivered to the area tech responsible for your area.

How do I determine if a proposed purchase is appropriate?

  • All items purchased by the University must have a clear business purpose that is in support of conducting University business and/or advancing the mission of the University.
  • As a Utah State Institution of Higher Education, Utah Valley University must ensure that all university funds are only used to support appropriate university business.
  • To find out what expenditures are appropriate and inappropriate see Policy 204: Appropriateness of Expenditures.