Limited Purchase Checks

Limited Purchase Checks (LPCs) may be used by departments for small dollar purchases up to the limit printed on the face of the check. These checks are prepared by the ordering department and are delivered to the vendor. Persistent improper use of the Limited Purchase Check program will result in withdrawal of the privilege to use this means of making small dollar purchases and may result in disciplinary action for fraudulent use.


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Appropriate Expenditures

  • All expenditures using LPCs must comply with all conditions outlined in the LPC User Guide and University Policy. A link to the Appropriateness of Expenditures Policy can be found below. For examples of appropriate food purchases and the required level of approval, click the Food Approval link above.
  • Policy 204: Appropriateness of Expenditures.

Returning documentation for used LPCs

  • Documentation related to a purchase made using an LPC must be returned to the Purchasing Office within five business days. The appropriate documentation includes: the Purchasing copy of the check, appropriate approval (if applicable), and the original receipt.
  • The individual making the purchase should include a short justification for the expenditure on the Purchasing Copy of the check.

Split Transaction

  • It is unlawful to knowingly and intentionally split a transaction to avoid the limit printed on the face of the LPC. If the total amount of the expenditure exceeds the limit printed on the LPC, the LPC cannot be used to complete the transaction. Procurement Services may provide an exception in writing allowing a department to use more than one check to complete a transaction. An exception will only be granted if it is found that an LPC is the only way to complete the transaction.


  • Limited Purchase Checks can be used to complete a transaction at Costco.
  • A UVU membership card can be checked out at the customer service desk.
  • When completing the transaction, confirm that it is tax exempt.
  • Following the purchase, return the UVU membership card to customer service.