Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with the yellow and pink copies of the LPC after I have written the check?

  • After each check is used, the Purchasing copy of the check, along with the original receipt and any required written approval must be returned to Purchasing within five working days of purchase. The pink copy should be retained by the department for their records. It is suggested that the department keep the pink copy until the transaction has been posted to Banner.

What is the maximum amount I can spend with a Limited Purchase Check?

  • Limited Purchase Checks are issued with a limit of $150.00 or $500.00. The limit is printed on the face of the check. Using two or more checks to make a single purchase is against state law.

I need to make a transaction that is over the limit printed on the face of the check. Can I write multiple checks to make the transaction?

  • The Utah State Procurement Code states that it is unlawful to artificially divide a procurement to avoid an established threshold. This includes submitting more than one requisition, making multiple transactions with a P-Card or LPC, or otherwise dividing the procurement.

Is the University exempt from sales tax?

  • The University is exempt from Utah State sales tax. The University’s sales tax exempt number is 11843640-002-STC.
  • See Utah State Tax Exemption Certificate

Are there any purchases which cannot be made with a Limited Purchase Check?

  • Yes. Please see the LPC Manual for more information.

How many Limited Purchase Checks can I request?