Purchasing Card

The purpose of the UVU Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for small-dollar transactions. The Purchasing Card is the preferred purchase/payment tool for small-dollar purchases.

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Appropriate Expenditures

Documentation Requirements

  • Each Purchasing Card transaction requires itemized documentation. The documentation should include the following information: vendor name, date, item description(s), unit price(s), transaction amount, no Utah State tax. Each transaction should also include a clearly expressed business purpose. Please review the P-Card Manual for more information on this topic.

Split Transaction

  • The State of Utah’s Procurement Code prohibits order splitting to avoid established purchasing thresholds. State law includes penalties for splitting a transaction from a misdemeanor, up to a felony charge, and loss of employment. A transaction cannot be split to avoid the P-Card single transaction limit. Before placing an order or otherwise committing University funds, you must consider the total transaction cost. It is imperative that the total transaction amount is under the P-Card single transaction limit. A purchase order must be used for all transaction amounts that are in question. It is inappropriate to split a transaction into multiple smaller transactions using one P-Card, multiple payment methods, or multiple P-Cards, in one day, or over multiple days. Please see the Purchasing Card Manual for more information on this topic.

P-Card Staff