Purchasing Card

The purpose of the UVU Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for small-dollar transactions. The Purchasing Card is the preferred purchase/payment tool for small-dollar purchases.

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Appropriate Expenditures

  • All expenditures using P-Cards must comply with all conditions outlined in the P-Card Manual and University Policy. A link to the Appropriateness of Expenditures Policy can be found below.
  • Policy 204: Appropriateness of Expenditures.
  • For examples of appropriate food purchases and the required level of approval, click the link below.
  • Food Approval

Documentation Requirements

  • Documentation related to a purchase made using a P-Card must be kept by the cardholder for seven years.  Transactions will be audited periodically to confirm compliance with all policies and procedures. The appropriate documentation includes:  appropriate approval (if applicable), and the original receipt.

Split Transaction

  • It is unlawful to knowingly and intentionally split a transaction to avoid the transaction limit assigned to a card. If the total amount of the expenditure exceeds the transaction limit assigned to a card, the P-Card cannot be used to complete the transaction. Procurement Service may provide an exception in writing and temporarily increase the limit assigned to a card to allow the cardholder to complete a transaction. An exception will only be granted if it is found that doing so would be the only way or the most appropriate way to complete the transaction.

Contact Information

  • Angela Hall, P-Card Manager
  • Mike Martin, P-Card Auditor