P-Card Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use my P-Card?

How long must I keep my P-Card receipts?

  • Cardholders must keep receipts and documentation for 7 years. That is the current fiscal year and the past six fiscal years. When a card is closed, all documentation, including statements and receipts, must be returned to the P-Card Office.

Why is my P-Card being audited?

  • All cardholders are subject to periodic audits. Every card is audited at least once per year. The audit of P-Card expenditures ensures that cardholders are compliant with the P-Card rules as outlined in the P-Card Manual, University Policies and Procedures, and Utah State Law.

I need to make a transaction that is over my single transaction limit. Can I make multiple purchases on my P-Card instead?

  • The Utah State Procurement Code states that it is unlawful to artificially divide a procurement to avoid an established threshold. This includes submitting more than one requisition, making multiple transactions with a P-Card or LPC, or otherwise dividing the procurement.

Is the University exempt from sales tax?

I made a purchase using my P-Card and the vendor sent me an invoice. Should I send the invoice to Accounts Payable?

  • When using a Purchasing Card please indicate to suppliers that an invoice should NOT be sent to the UVU Accounts Payable office, as an invoice could result in duplicate payment. The invoice should be kept with your P-Card documentation.

What kind of receipt do I need to keep for purchases made on my P-Card?

  • When using a Purchasing Card you should always request an itemized receipt.

Are there any types of purchase I cannot make with my P-Card?