Procurement Thresholds

Large-Dollar Purchase Threshold

  • The threshold over which a formal, advertised solicitation must be conducted.
  • All solicitations over the Large-Dollar Purchase threshold are posted publicly. A list of current solicitations can be seen here.
    • $100,000 – Professional Services
    • $100,000 – Enterprise Software
    • $100,000 – Construction
    • $50,000 – All other goods and services

Small-Dollar Purchase Threshold

  • The threshold established by Procurement Services and approved by President's Council over which adequate competition must be sought in accordance with Small-Dollar guidelines.
  • Procurements under the Small-Dollar Purchase Threshold may be placed at the discretion of Procurement Services without seeking competition.
  • Procurement between the Small-Dollar Purchase Threshold and the Large-Dollar Purchase Threshold will be placed following the solicitation of quotes.  Quotes for these procurements will be sought from at least two vendors known to provide the good or service needed.
    • $100,000 – Contracts from an approved vendor list
    • $50,000 – Professional Services
    • $50,000 – Enterprise software
    • $30,000 – Construction
    • $5000 – All other goods and services

Download Purchasing Thresholds document