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Do you like fine cuisine?

Then it’s time to engage in a leadership and team-building experience like no other. During our signature lunch event, you’ll learn principles of leadership and teamwork taught by one of our renown executive chefs, and then dine on your efforts with other executives or your employees. Tired of the ropes courses or other mundane teambuilding activities? Then this is the solution for your organization.

What’s On The Menu?

Our culinary executive leadership lunch is also great for networking activities. We offer a team-building competition in the kitchen with Executive Chefs from UVU’s award winning Culinary Arts Institute. You will battle just like the chefs on all the food television networks, all while receiving quality leadership instruction. Share a great meal with your fellow employees and learn how to more effectively collaborate and lead.

A True Culinary Experience Involves A Quality Pairing

We can also pair our lunches with morning or afternoon leadership/business trainings. We have world-class faculty that can provide training. We can also incorporate our program into your existing programming. Your employees and executives are sure to be impressed, learn something new and experience a high-quality training event.

Costs for pairing one-day leadership and executive trainings range from $125/person to $549/person. Contact Shawn Neider at 801-863-8043 to make arrangements for your specialized training.

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3-Hour Training (includes meal)

Available Training Dates

  • Dates available upon request, Mondays and Fridays (lunchtime) preferred. Other dates and times may be available upon request.

Training/Meal/Lunch-only: $125/person for Pastas, Salads, and Desserts (Custom meal plans available upon request)

Training/Dessert-only: $89/person for Dessert (shorter, 2-hour event)

Contact Shawn Neider at 801-863-8043 to register a group

If you have attended the training, please take the

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