Instructor - Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose is a digital marketing and print journalist specialist with a degree in public relations from Utah Valley University. 

She has published over 155 articles to local and national online platforms. She has worked with start-up e-commerce companies to grow organic traffic and revenue by 30% year-over-year. She has worked internally for a Utah-based healthcare network as a marketing specialist and consultant for 72 doctors.

Her passion for effective communication has led her to where she currently works, Stryde, a Utah-based digital marketing agency. Her clients include TruSelf Organics, Artificer Woodworks, Cariloha and Henry Schein.

Hannah Rose

Available Courses

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing will cover the beginning steps to developing a successful digital marketing campaign. You will learn about the comprehensive digital marketing landscape and skills necessary to take your business to the next level. Whether you want to effectively speak to digital marketing teams or create a blueprint for your own digital marketing strategy, we will cover all steps in Introduction to Digital Marketing.

  • Introduction - what it is, who we are, how to use
  • What is digital marketing? Context, evolution and helpful jargon.
  • On-page elements and recommendations
  • Off-page elements and recommendations
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Data mining - tracking and analytics
  • Competitive research
  • Target personas
  • Link building

Part one of this three part course will prepare you to interview for an entry level digital marketing position at a premium agency and/or Fortune 500 company. As a business owner, you will be prepared to establish a strong foundation for your online presence and how to implement tried and true tactics to grow your audience share, and subsequently, your bottom line.

Intermediate Digital Marketing

Intermediate to Digital Marketing will move you from the theory covered in Introduction to Digital Marketing into more tactical and specific action items and strategies for success. This is an increasingly hands-on course. Those with a solid digital marketing framework will thrive with the full immersion into strategy, content production and execution, outreach, as well as public relations and social media integration.

  • Outreach and building partnerships
  • Campaign planning, production and promotion
  • Content ideation, types, design and development
  • Establishing timelines. baselines and milestones

Part two of this three part course will help you uplevel your interview skills, job position and responsibilities within a new, current or potential job. As a business owner, you’ll know how to scale efforts with a skeleton team, when to hire and where to allocate resources for the best bottom line outcome potential.

Advanced Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing is where the truly business-minded individuals learn the 20% that will produce more than 80% of your bottom-line valuation. In this course you will learn how to set success metrics, including key performance indicators, goals, and developed forecasting. These are the skills that will help you determine true return on investments (ROI), for you, your employers and/or clients. Each student will have the option to develop (and received professional insights and feedback) on their own custom campaign.

  • KPIs, goals, forecasting
  • ROI on content, traditional SEO, new media, paid search and more
  • Sales funnel and lead generation

Part three of this three part course will prepare you to run a team, manage reports, prepare budgets and speak to bottom line valuations in a way that will elevate your impact during the interview process and/or within your current position. As a business owner, you will understand how to scale to your next revenue goal, establish a proper timeline and maintain resources with the added benefit of peace of mind.


All 3 courses in 2 days.

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