PRAXIS Prep! - Preparatory Workshops for Praxis Subject Assessment Edit Content

Need Help Passing the PRAXIS Exam?

Four workshops will help students better prepare for the subject assessments in four content areas: Reading and Languages Arts (5002), Mathematics (5003), Social Studies (5004), and Science (5005). These courses are taught over a period of six weeks. It is strongly advised to attend all six sessions since the content is delivered in an integrated context whenever possible. Each content area workshop will be $75, covering the entire 6 weeks whether you attend all 6 weeks or not. This program was created under the direction of the UVU School of Education.

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Reading/Language Arts

  • Week 1 - Help with study skills and test-taking knowledge for the literacy section of Praxis; The reading, writing and speaking processes. Practice test
  • Week 2 - Roles of “Balanced” literacy instruction: four cuing systems; scaffolding reading and writing
  • Week 3 - Reading comprehension; fluency; using text structures, features, and organization to comprehend literary and informational texts; Practice test
  • Week 4 - Developmental stages, characteristics, and genres of effective writing; developmental spelling stages; word study
  • Week 5 - Conventions and syntax characteristics of Standard English grammar, usage, mechanics and spelling when writing, speaking and reading
  • Week 6 - Assessment in literacy instruction; catch up and review; Practice test


  • Week 1 - Physical science: Mechanics of science. Chemistry: Atoms, periodic table, electrons, isotopes & Molecules, reactions.
  • Week 2 - Physics: Thermodynamics, motion & force, machines. Chemistry: Inorganic & organic, acids & bases, general concepts.
  • Week 3 - Physics: Electrical charges, circuits, magnets, waves.
  • 02/13 - Holiday Break (No Class).
  • Week 4 - Earth Science: Geology, Plate Tectonics, Geography, Weather, Atmosphere, Water Cycle, Astronomy.
  • Week 5 - Biology: Cells, genetics, evolution.
  • Week 6 - Biology: Organism Classification, Anatomy, Major Organ Systems, Biological Relationships.


  • Week 1 - Numbers and Operations
  • Week 2 - Numbers and Operations (Fractions and Proportional Reasoning)
  • Week 3 - Algebra and Algebraic Thinking
  • Week 4 - Geometry and Measurement
  • Week 5 - Data Analysis and Probability
  • Week 6 - Word Problems

Social Studies

  • Week 1 - Ancient world history overview
  • Week 2 - Ancient world history through geographic, anthropologic and economic lenses
  • Week 3 - Modern world history using economic, sociological and psycho-social lenses
  • Week 4 - Pre-Colonial U.S. History through the Constitutional period using integrated lenses
  • Week 5 - U.S. government, citizenship and democracy
  • Week 6 - Post constitutional American history and modern U.S. history using integrated social science lenses