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Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric.  University of Louisville. August 2005.


Major Emphases: Teaching writing with technology; research methodologies; composition theory and pedagogy


Minor Emphases: Literary theory; American literature; History of rhetoric


M.A. English Literature, emphasis in Composition and American Literature (1996); Portland State University.  


B.A. English Literature (1992); Brigham Young University, Provo Utah.

Teaching Experience


Lecturer, Qatar University Fall 2013-Spring 2015.


  • Taught first-year composition for the Post-Foundation program
  • Served on the Academic Conference committee
  • Tried to survive the most vicious roundabouts in the Middle East
  • Longed for the sweet mountains of Utah
  • Taught and worked with many wonderful members of the global community


Tenure-Track instructor Utah Valley State College Fall 2002 – present.


Classes taught include first-year composition, Introduction to the English Major, Technical and Professional Communications, Advanced Technical Writing, English 3090: Advanced Writing for English Majors.  These have all been taught in networked classrooms.

•    English 1010: Introduction to College Writing

•    English 2010: Research Writing

•    English 2020: Research Writing for Science and Technology Majors

•    English 2130: Introduction to Science Fiction

•    English 2310: Introduction to Technical Communication

•    English 2790: Introduction to the English Major

•    English 3040: History of the English Language

•    English 3090/4800: Advanced Writing for English Majors

•    English 4310: Advanced Technical Communication


Assistant Writing Program Administrator Fall 2012 – 2013


Chair, Department Technical Writing Committee.  2007-2012


Advisor. Warp and Weave. Student speculative fiction journal.  Spring 2008.


Member, Writing Studies Committee.  2011 - 13; 2015-present


Faculty representative.  Web Advisory Committee. Fall 2007 – 2010


Faculty Senator. Fall 2007 - 2009


Chair. Department of English Job search committee. Fall 2006 – Spring 2007.  Hired Dr. Gae Lynn Henderson.


Also worked on the search committee for our lecturer hire in Summer, 2008, hiring Daniel Westover and Alicia Geary, and chaired an emergency search (after the department’s initial search failed) Summer, 2006, which was unsuccessful.


College of Humanities representative. IT steering committee.   2003- 2008.


Assistant Writing Program Administrator. 2002-2005 (3.5 years)


Supervisor, Networked English Classrooms.  2002-2013

Selected Scholarship


"Social Literacies in Networked Spaces."

Director: Dr. Bronwyn Williams


My study explores the importance of understanding the full socio-material context of writing, including the literacy histories of students entering technology-rich classrooms. I draw my data from a semester-long ethnographic study that explores the multiple contexts of student writing, ranging from the social and historical to individual interactions with the multiple interfaces involved in web writing.  I examine how these local literacies can erode the notion of a homogenous, nationalistic notion of technological literacy and replace it with rich descriptions of the systems of activity that sponsor the local acquisition of technological literacy.  Defended July, 2005.

Conference Presentations

“Writing Teachers Not Writing Software: Can Complete N00bs Learn to Code?” Conference on College Composition and Communication.  March 2013. Las Vegas, Nevada.


“Starting conversations related to students and composing

spaces : Unicorns and Rainbows in First Year Composition.” Computers and Writing Conference. 2011.  Ann Arbor, Michigan.


“Textual Economies and the Reconstruction of Technical Identities in a Fan-Based, Analog Gaming Community.” Computers and Writing Conference. 2010.  West Lafayette, Indiana.


"The Cost of New Media: Tools and Their Discontents." Conference on College Composition and Communication 2008. New Orleans, Louisiana.  Full session title: New Media: Exploring Tools, Materiality and Space(#1567)


"At Play in the Fields of the Bored: the Convergence of Composition,

Digital Rhetoric, and Technical Communications.” Computer Connection Workshop. Conference on College Composition and Communication. 2007. New York, New York.


“Content Management  in the Wild: Alternatives to Corporate Courseware.” Computer Connection Workshop. Conference on College Composition and Communication,  2006. Chicago, Illinois.


“Teaching Technical Communications with Course Management Software.” Computer Connection Workshop. CCCC 2005. San Francisco, California.


“Dancing with the Devil: resisting, appropriating or redefining compulsory courseware.” 2004 Computers and Writing Conference. Honolulu, Hawaii.


“Blogger: Almost Painless Web Publishing.” Computer Connection. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Denver, Colorado. March 2001


“ a demo of free groupware.”  Computers and Writing Online. April 5, 2001. (transcript of session)


"Barbarians at the Gate? The Mainstreaming of Computers and Composition." Computers and Writing 2000, Fort Worth, Texas. May 2000.


"A Walk on the Wild Side: Negotiating the Virtual Contact Zone of the Student-Constructed Discourse Community." Conference on College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, Georgia. March 2000.


“The Politics of the Search Engine: Dopplegangers and Desire.” Computers and Writing 1999, Rapid City, South Dakota.  May 1999.


“Email  as Dialogue.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Chicago. March 1998.


“Student Web Authoring with Kwiki.” With Tony Scott. Computer Connection, Conference on College Composition and Communication, Chicago. March 1998.


"Fables of the Reconstruction: Stephen Foster, Foucault, and My Old Kentucky Home State Park." Kentucky Philological Association, Louisville, Kentucky. March 1998.


“Teaching Composition with Email Lists.” Presented at Oregon’s Seventh Annual Conference on Composition and Rhetoric in Ashland, Oregon May 1996.


“Composition Resources on the Internet.” Presented at Oregon’s Sixth Annual Conference on Composition and Rhetoric in Albany, Oregon, May 1995.

Graduate Teaching

Graduate Instructor University of Louisville Fall 1996-Spring 1999.


Taught first-year composition, the vast majority of the time in networked classrooms.


Teaching Assistant Portland State University 1995-6


Taught first-year and advanced composition.


Writing Tutor Portland State University 1993-1995


Writing Tutor Brigham Young University 1990-1992

Administrative Experience

•    Information Technologies Steering Committee, HASS representative.  2003-2008

•    Faculty Senate Representative.  2008-present

•    Writing Program Assistant Coordinator, 2002-2005.

•    Supervisor, English Computer Classrooms, 2002-Present.

•    Department Technology Support, January 2000-2002.

•    Assistant to Computer Aided Instruction Director, 1998-Spring 2000.

•    Writing Across the Curriculum assistant, University of Louisville 1997-8.

•    Assistant to Director of Composition, Portland State University 1995-6.

Department Technology Support  January 2000-2013

As the full-time staff member responsible for technology in the department of English, my responsibilities have included:

•    Created a first year online writing course in Canvas-Instructure which will be used by the department.

•    Assisting instructors with their technology needs, including offering instruction in web publishing.

•    Conducting bi-weekly mentor groups for instructors in network classrooms

•    Troubleshooting student and instructor web problems.

•    Working with college and university Information Technologies staff to resolve technology issues.

•    Managing, maintaining, and repairing two networked classrooms and all faculty and graduate computing resources.

•    Training writing center consultants with lab management responsibilities.

•    Informal mentoring of doctoral students with language/technology project fulfillment.

•    Workshops on pedagogical and administrative uses of web publishing, email lists, and other technologies.

•    Assistance with manuscript publication.

•    Department web designer and maintainer (not originally hired to do this, but someone had to!)

•    Researching and recommending technology purchases.

•    Learning many different software packages, often on short notice.

•    Maintaining productive working relationships with multiple departments across campus.

•    Installing and maintaining Linux and windows-based servers for department use as collaborative writing sites, web servers, and backup storage.

•    I have managed the departmental email lists over the past three years.


Founding member, English Graduate Organization Action Committee on Material Working Conditions. 1999-2001.

English Graduate Organization Social Chair, 1999-2000

English Graduate Organization Secretary, 1998-1999


Professional Memberships and Electronic haunts:

National Council of Teachers of English.


Association for Teachers of Technical Writing