Hainsworth, Traci
Manager - Events/Performances/Production
GT 619C
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Marketing Leadership • Public Relations Strategies •

Advertising Creative Development • Brand Integration


Executive Management and Marketing Leader:  Marketing and management career includes key positions with well known studios, corporations and agencies including The Walt Disney Company, Touchstone Pictures, Buena Vista Entertainment, Miramax Film Corp., Dimension Films, Rogers & Cowan, Inc., Set Resources, Inc., and On Camera Promotions, LLC.


Career Track: Professional growth through such positions as Vice President Production Resources, Senior Account Executive, Vice President Marketing and Sales and Manager Product Placement.


Negotiation Experience and Brand Management:  Over the past 20 years, utilized marketing expertise gained within major studios to build the client base in small and mid-sized public relations agencies.  Generated tens of thousands of dollars in production cost savings and negotiated win-win contracts with international corporations.


Proven Record Across Major Executive Functions:  Skilled in all areas of promotions, marketing and sales management, developing premier sponsorship promotions, creating innovative marketing and advertising campaigns and expanding client base growth. Richly varied experience.  Successful record of consistently exceeding company expectations and objectives.


BA – Brigham Young University.  MFA – Brigham Young University



Selected Achievements and Skills



•   Orchestrated and negotiated hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for film production budgets, from $700,000 to $3 million.  Served as Vice President of Production Resources for Miramax Film Corp. and Manager Production Resources for Walt Disney Pictures.  Saved tens of thousands of dollars in production savings by negotiating product placements to off-set costs.


•   Negotiated and produced major promotions tied to select film openings and premiers.  While negotiating on set product placements, successfully leveraged major promotions to reduce publicity and advertising costs. Major corporations included: Pennzoil, M&M/Mars, Home Depot and Dr. Pepper.


•   Represented major international corporations to the Entertainment Industry.   Successfully negotiated international brands to appear in film and television productions as props, set dressing, costumes, etc.  Corporations included: Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, Nokia, Bulgari, Swarovski, Kawasaki of North America, and AT&T.


•   Skills:  Exceptionally strong written and verbal communication skills.  Highly personable and capable of working with major executive boards.  Proficient in problem solving and implementing solutions under tight deadlines.  Hands-on executive with strong multi-tasking abilities, decisive, self-reliant, creative and a strategic thinker.



Career Overview • Executive Experience



•     Utah Valley University                 – Events Manager; School of the Arts

•     Miramax Film Corporation            – Senior Vice President Production Resources (Product Placement)

•     AIA Actors Studio                         – Artistic Director

•     On Camera Promotions, LLC        – Executive Vice President Marketing & Product Placement

•     Set Resources, Inc.                      – Senior Vice President Product Placement

•     Walt Disney Company                  – Director Production Resources (Product Placement)

•     Rogers & Cowan, Inc.                   – Senior Account Executive