McDonald, Dan
Associate Professor - Information Systems
CS 601d
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Curriculum Vitae
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I am an Associate Professor of Information Systems in the College of Engineering and Technology at Utah Valley University. I love teaching database and programming courses. In my research, I am interested in using artificial intelligence methods to manage the information overload problem. I am also interested in business intelligence and data management.


Ph.D.Management Information Systems, 2006, University of Arizona. Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Master of ScienceManagement Information Systems, 2001, University of Arizona

Bachelor of ScienceAccounting, Summa Cum Laude, 1995, Brigham Young University

Courses Taught

Utah Valley University (Fall 2011 - Present)

COMP 301R - Digital Lecture Series
INFO 1200 - Introduction to Computer Programming I (C#)
INFO 2200 - Introduction to Computer Programming II (C#)
INFO 2410 - Database Fundamentals (MS SQL Server)
INFO 3410 - Database Systems and Warehousing
INFO 3420 - PHP Web Systems Development (PHP, MariaDB, SQL)
INFO 3422 - Client-Side Web Development (Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB)
INFO 3426 - Server-Side Web Frameworks (ASP.NET MVC)
INFO 4410 - Database Administration (MS SQL Server)
INFO 4420 - Mobile Application Development (Swift-iPhone/Java-Android)
INFO 4422 - Advanced PHP Web Application Development
INFO 4440 - Enterprise Computing (SAP & Microsoft Dynamics)

University of Utah (Fall 2007 - Summer 2011)

IS 4415 - Data Structures and Java
IS 4420 - Database Fundamentals (Oracle)
IS 4460 - Web-based Applications (CSS, JavaScript and PHP)
IS 4480 - Data Warehousing (Oracle)
IS 6480 - Data Warehousing (Oracle)
IS 6484 - Advanced Data Management (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL)

University of Arizona (Summer 2004)

MIS 373 - Basic Operations Management


Peer-reviewed Publications

"Comparing Python and WordPress Assignments on a Raspberry Pi". 2018 DANIEL MCDONALD. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges (JCIS) 34:2, 5-11

“Using Raspberry Pi Computers to Teach LAMP and WordPress” 2017. DANIEL MCDONALD and S. Jeff Cold. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges (JCIS) 33:2, 148-154

“Automatically Classifying PubMed Abstracts as Bench or Bedside” 2017 DANIEL MCDONALD and Michelle Ashton Issues in Information Systems Journal (IIS). Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 22-30, 2017

“When Deceitful Chats Look Truthful” DANIEL MCDONALD, Randall Boyle, John Anderson. 2016Journal of Computer Information Systems (JCIS).  56, 331-340.

“Using a Hybrid Data Model to Manage Ultrasound Signaling Data” DANIEL MCDONALD, Justin McKay, Laurel Thompson, Timothy Doyle. 2015 The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges. 31, 41-47.

“The Current State of Business Intelligence and Analytics in Utah” John Anderson, Jonathan Daniels, DANIEL MCDONALD, Richard Edvalson. Issues in Information Systems Journal (IIS), Volume 15, Issue 2. October 2014

“Using an SOM to Visualize Deceptive Chat Content” DANIEL MCDONALD, Randall Boyle, John Anderson. Proceedings of the IACIS Conference, Las Vegas, NV October 1-4, 2014

“A Text Mining Analysis of Religious Texts” DANIEL MCDONALD. Journal of Business Inqury. Volume 13, 2014 Issue 1 (Special Issue). Orem, UT.

“Using Hybrid Lexical Profiles to Find and Name Entities” DANIEL MCDONALD, Hsinchun Chen, Olivia Sheng. Proceedings of the Southwest Decision Sciences Institute Conference. March 2014, Dallas, TX (Distinguished Paper Award)

“Genetic programming for prevention of cyberterrorism through dynamic and evolving intrusion detection” James V. Hansen, Paul B. Lowry, Rayman D. Meservy, DANIEL MCDONALD. Decision Support Systems (DSS), Volume 43, Issue 4 August 2007.

“Aggregating automatically extracted regulatory pathway relations” Marshall,B; Hua Su, DANIEL MCDONALD, Eggers,S; and Chen,H. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 10:1 2006, pgs 100-108.

“Summary in context: searching versus browsing”. MCDONALD,D., Chen, H. ACM Transactions on Information Systems (ACM TOIS) 24:1 2006.

“Transforming open-source documents to terror networks: the Arizona TerrorNet” DANIEL MCDONALD, Hsinchun Chen, and Rob Schumaker. AAAI Spring Symposium on Homeland Security. March 2005, Stanford University.

“Linking ontological resources using aggregatable substance identifiers to organize extracted relations”, B. Marshall, H. Su, D. MCDONALD, H. Chen. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2005 Kona, Hawaii.

“EBizPort: collecting and analyzing business intelligence information” Marshall, B., MCDONALD, D., Chen, H., Chung, W. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 55 (10): 873-891 (2004) Special Issue on Document Search Interface Design for Large-scale Collections and Intelligent Access.

“Extracting gene pathway relations using a hybrid grammar: the Arizona Relation Parser”. MCDONALD, D., Chen, H., Su, H., Marshall, B. Bioinformatics 20: 3370-8 (2004)

“Genescene: biomedical text and data mining”. G. Leroy H. Chen, J. D. Martinez, S. Eggers, R. R. Falsey, K. L. Kislin, Z. Huang, J. Li, J. Xu, D.M. MCDONALD, and G. Ng, JCDL, May 2003 Houston, TX.

“Using sentence-selection heuristics to rank text segments in TXTRACTOR”. MCDONALD, D. and Chen, H., JCDL, July 2002 Portland, OR.

“Comparison of two approaches to building a vertical search tool: A case study in the nanotechnology domain”. Chau,M., Chen,H., Qin,J., Zhou,Y.,Qin,Y, Sung,W., MCDONALD,D. JCDL, July 2002, Portland, OR.

Book Chapters

D. M. MCDONALD, H. Su, J. Xu, C.-J. Tseng, H. Chen, & G. Leroy, “Gene Pathway Text Mining and Visualization,” in Chen, Fuller, Friedman, & Hersh (Eds.) Medical Informatics: Advances in Knowledge Management and Data Mining in Biomedicine, July 2005.


“A Text Mining Analysis of Religious Texts” DANIEL MCDONALD. Religious Faith and Social and Applied Sciences Conference. October 2013. Utah Valley University, Orem, UT.

“Using Hybrid Lexical Profiles to Find and Name Entities” D.M. MCDONALD, Hsinchun Chen, Olivia Sheng. Utah Winter Business Intelligence Conference. 2006

“Extracting and Visualizing Gene Pathway Networks from Biomedical Texts”. D.M. MCDONALD, H. Su, H. Chen, C.-L Tseng. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB). 2004, Kona, Hawaii.

“Combining Extracted Gene Relations With Ontologies To Create Meaningful Pathway Maps”. D.M. MCDONALD, H. Su, B. Marshall, H. Chen, C.-L. Tseng. BISTI Symposium, NIH "Digital Biology: The Emerging Paradigm". Nov. 2003, Bethesda, Maryland.

“NanoPort: A Web Portal for Nanoscale Science and Technology”. Chau,M., Chen,H., Qin,J., Zhou,Y., Sung,W., Chen,Y., Qin,Y., MCDONALD,D., Lally,A., and Landon,M. JCDL Jul 2002, Portland, OR.

Awards / Grants

2018 SWI Grant for 25 Pixel 3 XL Phones ($25,000)
2017 Awarded Perkins Grant for 46 tablet keyboards ($7,130)
2016 Awarded Perkins Grant for 46 tablet computers ($37,457)
2016 Dean's Award of Excellence for Teaching
2014 Distinguished Paper Award at SWDSI Conference. Dallas, Texas.
2013 Travel Award for $600 from the Senate Faculty Development Committee (FDC) at Utah Valley University.
2012 Funding SAP Alliance Membership $8,000. Utah Valley University
2010 "A Most Influential Teacher" OIS Department. University of Utah
2009 Marvin J. Ashton Teaching Excellence Award. DESB School of Business, University of Utah
2001-05 Research Assistantship at the University of Arizona.
1994-95 Karl G. Maeser Scholar, Brigham Young University
University Scholar, Brigham Young University


About me

I enjoy skiing, especially at Sundance Mountain Resort, and hiking with my family. In 2014 we hiked Half Dome in Yosemite as well as Mt. Timpanogos.
In 2018, I completed an Ironman 70.3 in Tempe, AZ.
I have completed the Los Angeles, CA (1995) and Huntsville, UT (2013) marathons
I have participated three times in the Logan-to-Jackson bicycle race (LoToJa), completing the entire 208 mile course in 2009