Toke, Nathan
Associate Professor
Pope Science 221
(801) 863-8064
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Motivation: I am interested in fundamental and applied questions related to active tectonics, geomorphology, and interactions between tectonics and landscapes. Active tectonics and geologic hazards are exciting research areas. Equally exciting, to me, is realizing that today we are living in what could be called the Anthropocene. This new epoch may take time to be officially recognized, but the reason for an update is clear: We humans are now moving earth materials at a greater rate than global tectonics! Our imprint on the active landscape of Earth is expanding. Which is one reason why we need more students to be trained as Earth Scientists.

Information about my activities: Please see the following web-page, and my CV (a PDF verision is linked above) for information on my research and teaching. I am in the process of updating my teaching materials so they are open-access for outreach beyond what is contained in a canvas course page for a single semester!

Webpage about my Teaching and Research:

While course content is found on my webpage course grades are administered via CANVAS. Students please use this link:

Please check the above Calendar for my office hours. I also take email requests for appointments related to coursework, general geology questions, questions about job searches, research opportunities, and just about anything else earth science related.