Pepper, Mark
Associate Professor - English/Literature
CB 402G
Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

Associate Professor, Department of English & Literature


Ph.D., Rhetoric and Composition
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. May 2011

Primary Area of Study: Rhetoric and Composition
Secondary Areas of Study: Digital Writing, & Public Rhetorics

Dissertation Title: Redefining the Popular: Systems, Networks, and the Circulation of
Digital Desire

Committee: Thomas Rickert (chair), Jennifer Bay, Samantha Blackmon, David Blakesley

M.A., English
Sacramento State University, Sacramento, California. May 2005

B.A., English
Sacramento State University, Sacramento, California. May 2003

Awards, Honors, and Grants

Kairos Best Webtext of 2015 Award on behalf of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy

UVU Tutoring and Academic Skills Services’ Faculty Appreciation Award, 2013

CETA (Committee for the Education of Teaching Assistants) Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award, 2010

Dean's Teaching Incentive Grant: Awarded for project on assessing success of teaching with technology component of Purdue IC@P program, 2007

Excellence in Teaching Award, Solano Community College, 2006


Intermediate Writing (English 2010)
Technical Communication (English 2310)
Academic Writing for English Majors (English 3090)
Intermediate Writing: Honors (English 201H)
Intermediate Writing in the Sciences: Honors (English 202H)
Public Rhetorics and Popular Media (English 3070)
Digital Document Design (English 3340)
Advanced Document Design (English 4340)
Superhero Rhetorics: The Graphic Novel and Culture (English 401R)


Peer Reviewed Journals

"Post-Postmodernism and the Market Popularity of Superheroes" Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture 18 (2015):

"Classical Rhetoric Up in Smoke: Cool Persuasion, Digital Ethos, and Online Advocacy" Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 18.2 (2014):

"How Could You Let That Happen?: Student Expectations for Blog Monitoring" Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (4 Apr. 2013):

"Why So Hostile?: The Relationships Between Popularity, 'Masses,' and Rhetorical Commonplaces" Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric and Society 3.1 (2013):

Book Chapters

"Composing Digitally and Learning Languages: Using Linguistic Models of Competency to Teach Multimedia Assignments." CLASH!: Superheroic Yet Sensible Strategies for Teaching Students the New Literacies Despite the Status Quo. Eds. Sharon Spencer and Sandra Vavra. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing, 2011. 221-235.

"Virtual Guerillas and a World of Extras: Shooting Machinima in Second Life." Writing and the Digital Generation. Ed. Heather Urbanski. Jefferson: McFarland Press, 2010. 174-185.

Book Reviews

"Review of Judy Wajcman's Pressed For Time: The Acceleration of Life in Digital Capitalism." Itineration: Cross Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture. Itineration: Cross Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture (Jun 2015):

Textbook Instructor Manuals

Instructor's Manual to Writing Today. Authors: Richard Johnson-Sheehan and Chuck Paine. Manual co-authored with Johnson-Sheehan, Paine, and Leigh Johnson. 2010.

Instructor's Manual to Technical Communication Today. 3rd ed. Author: Richard Johnson-Sheehan. Manual co-authored with Christina Saidy. 2009.

Conference Presentations

"Affective Dissonance and Contextual Orientations to Digital Composing Across Three University Bodies." Computers and Writing. Menomonie, WI. May 2014.

"Re–Remembering the Stakes of Your Topic: Episodic Memory and the Neuroscience of the Research Paper." CCCC. Indianapolis, IN. March 2014.

"The Rudderless Course of Social Change: Irritative Emergence and Public Activism." Networked Humanities Conference. Lexington, KY. February 2013.

"Affectively Investing in Template Culture: Making Shortcuts Matter Differently for Future Design Exploration." CCCC. St. Louis, MO. March 2012.

"Attempting to Communicate the Incommunicable: Affect, Popular Culture, and Online Writing." Computers and Writing. Ann Arbor, MI. May 2011.

"Trajectories, Directions, Explorers, Homesteaders, and Indigenous Minds: Articulating New Configurations for Virtual Scholarship." Roundtable Participant at Computers and Writing. West Lafayette, IN. May 2010.

"The Brand New Sameness of Online Interaction: Agencies, Subjectivities, and the Unrealized Promises of Fluid Identity." Computers and Writing. West Lafayette, IN. May 2010.

"Moments of Opposition and Negotiation: Kairotic Emergence Meets the Spoiler." CCCC. Louisville, KY. March 2010.

"Different Approachs to Popular Culture Pedagogy in the Composition Classroom." CCCC. San Francisco, CA. March 2009.

"Networked on the Fringes of the Network: Fandom Tension Within the Altering of Comic Continuity." The Comic Book and Popular Culture. Bowling Green, OH. October 2008.

"We're all Filmmakers and Directors Here: Rhetorically Using Camera Controls in Second Life." CCCC. New Orleans, LA. April 2008.

"Teaching and Learning in Second Life." Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference. West Lafayette, IN. March 2008.

"Radioactive Accidents, Marvel Mutant Madness, and Emmanuel Levinas: The Ethics of the Postmodern Superhero." Northwestern Emmanuel Levinas Conference. West Lafayette, IN. June 2007.

"Ten Thousand Lonelygirl Fans (and Haters) Can't (or Just Might be) Wrong: Speculation and the Role of Audience in the Youtube Age." PCA/ACA Pop Culture Conference. Boston, MA. April 2007.