Barnett, Amy E
Coordinator - Global Engagement
LA 111p
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Amy Barnett has been at UVU since 2011 and is the Coordinator of Global Engagement. Her main responsiblities include managing the International Dignitary Lecture Series, Global Spotlight, as well as overseeing logistis for the Diplomatic Conference on International Trade Relations (2016, 2018) and the UN NGO Conference (UVU - Oct 2018).

Amy graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Russian Language and Area Studies. She comes to UVU as a skilled international events manager, having worked as the principal relations liaison between 15 (mostly Russian speaking) National Olympic Committees/dignitaries and the organizing committees for both the Salt Lake 2002 and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

She has six years of international customer service management experience and has trained staff throughout much of Eastern Europe. Her volunteer experience spans several years and includes collaborating with LDS international charities and a variety of Russian non-profit organizations. She also worked as a visa and travel agent for LDS Church Travel, a Russian interpreter in Utah and English teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Amy is a passionate traveler and loves to share her insights and experiences of favorite places abroad. She uses her creativity to enrich international hosting events at UVU and to elevate her work environment.