Abunuwara, Kim
Associate Professor - Integrated Studies

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Kim Abunuwara

250 N 700 E Orem UT 84097

Home: 801-764-9968

Cell: 801-437-7836




Associate Professor

2018 Integrated Studies and Humanities

Program Coordinator, Humanities, Utah Valley University


Assistant Professor

July 2014-Present

Integrated Studies and Humanities, Utah Valley University

  • Member Faculty Senate (2014-2018)
  • IS 350R, Performance Studies, cross-listed with Anthropology
  • IS 350R, Divine in the Arts, cross-listed with Religious Studies
  • Member University Planning Advisory Committee (2015-2017)
  • Member Shared Governance senate subcommittee (2015-Present)



Sept. 2013-2014

Integrated Studies and Humanities Program, Utah Valley University

  • Teach Capstone 1 and 2 classes, mentor students in development of senior theses
  • Teach all levels of Humanities courses
  • Organize and lead Humanities program’s promotional events
  • Member of university Faculty Development Committee


Adjunct Faculty

Sept. 2012-2013

Humanities Program, Utah Valley University

  • Taught all levels of Humanities courses, developed new upper division courses
  • Mentored three students in presenting papers at HERA conference in SLC



Sept. 2010-May 2012

Humanities Program, Utah Valley University

  • Taught courses in the Humanities, contributed to the successful search and hire of two new faculty members, contributed to development of new major.


Adjunct Faculty

Aug 2005-May 2010

Humanities Program and Theatre Department, Utah Valley University

  • Taught on site and distance education classes in Theatre and Humanities.
  • Fall 2009, received funding to teach a seven week Museums Excursion Course which culminated in a one week trip to New York City, Summer 2010.


Adjunct Faculty

June 2002-April 2008

Theatre and Media Arts, Brigham Young University

  • Taught acting, voice and critical studies.


Associate Professor

August 1993-May 1999

Theatre Department, University of Texas at El Paso

  • Headed the Acting Program.
  • Served on departmental and university committees.
  • Lead graduate seminars, guided graduate theses.
  • Procured and managed grants. Used the grants to support High School Recruitment efforts and promote the department's interaction with the community. Hosted 100s of students at interactive performances and lead discussions between visiting artists and community participants.
  • Developed a multi-media phonetics class.
  • Conducted in-service workshops for El Paso Independent School District.
  • Was an award-winning director of six productions: Uncommon Women and Others, The Seagull, To Kill a Mockingbird, Bus Stop, The Taming of the Shrew and Misalliance.
  • Received tenure in 1999.





  • Ph.D. Theatre and Film, Brigham Young University. 1995.
  • M.F.A. Acting, National Theatre Conservatory, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, 1988.
  • B.A. Theatre and Film, Brigham Young University, 1985.




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  • “Yoko Ono and Mallika Taneja: Embodied Knowing.” Invited submission Interdisciplinary Humanities Spring 2018.
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  • “Drawing on Levinas to Redefine Education: Making the Unknown a new Priority.” Education 119 (1) (1998): 147-150.
  • “Ehab’s Wife.” Dialogue 31 (2) (1998): 71-74.

Link:   https://www.dialoguejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/sbi/issues/V31N02.pdf

  • "Emmanuel Levinas and Sanford Meisner on Exposedness in Acting." Text and Presentation Volume 14, 1994.



Conference Presentations____________________________________________ ______________


  • “Yoko Ono and Mallika Taneja.” Humanities Education and Research Association Conference, San Diego, March, 2017.
  • “When Saw We Thee a Stranger: The Provo Tabernacle’s Unique Inclusiveness” Mormon Social Science Association, Utah Valley University, April 11, 2016.
  • “Are Mormons Victims or Oppressors: Utah Valley University and the Importance of Context.” With Ryan Cragun, J. Sumerau, Mormon Social Science Association, Utah Valley University, April 11, 2016.
  • “The Art of Losing: Finding Nothing in Common with Early Mormon Settlers.” Third Annual Humanities Symposium, Utah Valley University, March 19-20, 2014.
  • “The Provo Tabernacle: From Public to Private.” Humanities Education and Research Association Conference, Washington D.C., February 27-29, 2014.
  • “The Provo Tabernacle and the Fluidity of Faith.” Society of Literature, Science and the Arts, Oct. 9, 2014.
  • “Absent or Unrecognizable:       The Divine in Modern Theatre.” Humanities Education and Research Association Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 8-10, 2012.
  • “Using Viewpoints and the Relation with the Other to Create Transformative Teaching.” 10th Annual Hawaii Conference on Education, Waikiki, Hawaii, Jan 5-8, 2012.
  • “Creating an Ethical Classroom: Teachers Learning Vulnerability from Actors.” Annual Conference by the Faculty, Center for the Study of Ethics, Utah Valley University. March 2012.
  • “Trusting Terror: How Feeling Unsure in the Classroom is Good for Teachers and Students.” Arts in Education Conference, Utah Valley University, October 10, 2011.
  • “Distance Education Teaching Strategies” Distance Education Faculty Training workshop, UVU, June 2007
  • “Radi Shahedah and the Question of a Living Palestinian Theatre.” Association of Theatre and Higher Education Conference, San Antonio, TX, August 1998.
  • “Three Original Mormon Play Productions: Theatrical Disruption as Affirmation rather than Disorientation.”       International Federation of Theatre Research, Tel Aviv, Israel, June 1996.
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  • "Ethics Before Ethnicity." ATHE Conference, Chicago, Illinois, July 27-30, 1994.
  • "Emmanuel Levinas and Sanford Meisner on Exposedness in Acting." Comparative Drama Conference XVII, University of Florida, March 1993.




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http://www.mormonchannel.org/the-light-of-men/3   21:20

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Acting Coaching___________________________________________________________________


  • Capstone Senior Showcase, Monica Campbell Choreographer, UVU Ragan Theatre, Mar. 30-Apr. 1, 2017. (Worked with dancers Feb. 3, 2017)
  • Final Hours, Monica Campbell Choreographer, Sugar Space Arts Warehouse, SLC, March 24-6, 2016. (Worked with dancers Feb. 25, 2016)





  • ELLA, $2000. Spring, 2017. Faith Differences in Mormon Households Research project conducted with Integrated Studies student, David Toomey.





  • Instructor of the Year, April 2010, UVU, Trio Student Support Services, UVU.
  • Award of Merit in Using Technology to Engage Distance Students, May 2008, USHE.