Davis, Courtney R
Assistant Professor of Art History
GT 535B
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Courtney Davis is the chair of the Art & Design Department.


Courtney Davis has taught art history at Utah Valley University since 2007, as both an assistant professor and a lecturer.  She has twice been recognized as the UVU Alumni Outstanding Educator of the Year for the School of the Arts, and has also twice received a Faculty Senate Award of Excellence.  Courtney is the program coordinator for the newly approved and long awaited BA in Art History, and she is the founder and director of the Art & Design Department's biennial art history symposium, a tradition that began in 2010.  Courtney has led three study abroad programs to Europe, garnering national attention in 2012 with an award from Abroad101 for short-term travel study programs.  Courtney holds a Masters of Art in Art History & Curatorial Studies and a Juris Doctor, both from Brigham Young University.  Her research areas include early eighteenth-and nineteenth-century European painting, the American Gilded Age, Modernism, and copyright law.  Courtney Davis is currently the Department Chair of the Art & Design Department. 


  • ARTH 2710:  Art History to the Renaissance
  • ARTH 2720:  Art History from the Renaissance (and Honors/272H)
  • ARTH 3060:  Nineteenth Century Art History
  • ARTH 3070:  Modern Art & Architectural History
  • ARTH 3100:  History of American Art & Architecture
  • ARTH 3120:  Contemporary Art History
  • ARTH 3400:  Arts Management
  • ARTH 391R:  Art History Seminar - The Age of Napoleon


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Davis, Courtney R.  "The Intellectual Simulacrum:  Landscape Photography, Copyright Law, and Claiming the American West." The Journal of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters 92 (2015): 19-32.

Davis, Courtney R.  "A Fairey Tale:  Pop, Presidents & Propaganda." The Journal of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters 89 (2012): 19-30.