MacKay, Brian R.
Department Chair - Department of English Language Learning
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Profile and Background

Mr. MacKay was elected as Department Chair of the Department of English Language Learning at UVU on February 4, 2015.  He has been teaching ESL at UVU for a number of years.  Mr. MacKay has worked in the area of second language training both in higher education and at the corporate level.  He has also been involved in international student recruitment, international business, financial management, and human resources.  He has had extensive experience in teaching both German and English language courses and managing language training programs.  He has taught university graduate courses in cross cultural awareness training.  He has been a team leader on a number of extensive curriculum development projects.  From May 2006 until January 2012, he worked for Pearson Education as a content writer and as an editor for mainly digital reading and English language learning (ELL) products.

In past years, Mr. MacKay had the opportunity of assisting in the recruitment of many international students.  He worked with key government, corporate, and educational representatives in different countries to help them better understand the programs and courses that he represented.  He worked with many international companies in Europe, Asia, and South America.  His two-year employment opportunity at TDK Corporation in Tokyo, Japan provided him a very good first-hand international business employment experience.

In addition to working in the student recruitment and placement areas, Mr. MacKay has also worked in operational areas including budget planning, program design, network standard operations, etc.  He is well versed in immigration matters including the SEVIS procedures.  He has had the opportunity of presenting numerous workshops and seminars on a variety of pedagogical and program administration issues at national and international conferences.

Over the years Mr. MacKay has helped many students with their academic and career planning activities.  He has helped place students in business internships and subsequently guided them into international employment positions.  He loves to help people succeed in their educational and professional goals.  Indeed, Mr. MacKay greatly shares Utah Valley University’s mission of providing “students from varied ethnic, racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds with adequate and appropriate opportunities that will prepare them for success in their education, professional, and personal goals.”



  • Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah                                          
  • Graduate Teaching Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
  • Master of Arts Degree in German Literature and Teaching
  • University of California, Davis, California
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in German
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah                                                    



-      Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

-      Intermountain Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages (I-TESOL)

-      Association of International Educators (NAFSA)

-      American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP)