Han, Belinda S.
Director - Center for Leadership
LC 302
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Belinda S. Han, MA 

Ms. Han grew up in San Diego, California as the oldest of 7 children (5 brothers and 1 sister). She moved to Lehi, Utah while in high school and graduated from Lehi High. After high school, she attended Snow College and UVSC. At UVSC she was involved with ASUVSC (now called UVUSA), the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center, and many other campus organizations. While in college Ms. Han discovered her love for the outdoors and spent several summers and winters working in the mountains (which helped to pay her way through college). She graduated from UVSC in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and was quickly hired full time in a non-profit organization. She spent 14 years working in the non-profit sector serving in the areas of fundraising, marketing, recruiting, training, outdoor education, and program development. And, she spent just over 3 years as a 5th grade teacher. Ms. Han completed a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University in August of 2014 and is planning on completing her doctorate in education, with an emphasis in Interdisciplinary Leadership, from Creighton University in December 2018.

Ms. Han joined the CAL team in 2011. She has been married to Jerod Han, from Las Vegas, since 2007 and is the proud dog mom of two Miniature Dachshunds named Doc and Pepper (like the drink Dr. Pepper) and one fluffy Pomeranian named Koda.