Anderson, John E
Professor - Info Systems & Technology
CS 601
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Academic Credentials:

PhD -- Utah State University, Business Information Systems (Information Systems Management)
MBA -- University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business, Business Administration (Strategy and Finance)
BA -- University of Utah, English (American Literature -Thoreau, Twain, Faulkner, Frost), Allied Hours: Communication/History

Professional Experience:

2015-Pres Professor of Information Systems & Technology, Utah Valley University, Orem, UT
2010-2015 Associate Professor of Information Systems & Technology, Utah Valley University, Orem, UT
2009-2010 Department Chair & Assoc Prof of Information Systems & Technology, Utah Valley University, Orem, UT
2007-2009 Asst Professor of Information Systems & Technology, Utah Valley University, Orem, UT
2003-2007Asst Professor of Management Information Systems, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
2002-2003 Asst Professor of Information Sciences & Technology, Penn State Harrisburg, Middletown, PA
2000-2002 Asst Professor of Information Technology and Operations Management, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
1997-1999 Asst Professor of Management Information Systems, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK
1994-1997 Doctoral Student, Utah State University, Logan, UT

Previous: Stockbroker Fidelity Investments (Series 7, 63), Small Store Manager, Volunteer Missionary South Africa


Faculty Excellence Award, College of T&C, UVU Faculty Senate 2015
SAS Faculty Scholarship for SAS Global Forum 2013, San Fancisco CA, 2013
T&C Scholar Award of Excellence, College of Technology and Computing, UVU, 2011

Professional Certifications:

EMC Academic Associate, Data Science and Big Data Analytics, April 2016
ACE Adobe Certified Expert: Adobe Analytics (Omniture SiteCatalyst), Feb 2012
ICCP Information Systems Analyst (ISA), ICCP, Mastery Level, June 2008
Wireless#, Certified Wireless Network Professional Program, December, 2006
Network+ Certification, CompTIA, September, 2001
CCAI, Cisco Certified Academy Instructor, March, 2001
CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate, February, 2001

Primary Courses Taught:

INFO 4130 Data Science and Big Data Analytics (R, SAS Enterprise Miner, Orange, Hadoop)
INFO 4120 Business Intelligence Systems (Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture Site Catalyst), Excel PowerPivot and PowerView, Tableau, SQL Server)
INFO 3430 Systems Analysis and Design
INFO 3130 Introduction to Applied Data Analytics
INFO 3120 Management Information Systems
INFO 2410 Database Fundamentals (SQL, SQL Server)
INFO 489 Undergraduate Research in Information Systems and Technology
IM 3600 Advanced Excel for Desicion Making

Other Courses Taught:

INFO 405G Global, Ethical, and Professional Perspectives in IS and IT
INFO 3410 Database Systems & Data Warehousing
INFO 2450 Web Applications Design

Research Areas:

Data Analytics/Data Science/Business Intelligence
IS&T Leadership Roles
End-User Training/Human Resource Development
IS&T Curriculum Issues & Emergning Technologies

Bio of John E. Anderson, PhD:

Dr. Anderson serves on the faculty of UVU as a Professor in the department of Information Systems & Technology in the College of Technology and Computing. He teaches courses in Database Management, Business Intelligence/Analytics/Data ScienceInformation Systems Management, and Systems Analysis & Design among others. His research interests focus on the strategic management of information and cognition in organizations, business analytics and data science, emerging technology, and IS leadership as well as curriculum issues. He has published thirteen refereed journal articles, a book chapter, eighteen conference proceedings and presentations, and gained seven IS&T professional certifications.

Prior to joining Utah Valley University John taught information systems and technology courses at East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville, North Carolina; Penn State Harrisburg (PSU-HBG) in Harrisburg/Middletown, Pennsylvania; Appalachian State University (Appstate) in Boone, North Carolina; and Northeastern State University (NSUOK) in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Before entering academics John was a stockbroker for Fidelity Investments and a small business manager. 

John received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Utah (the U) and his PhD in Business Information Systems from Utah State University (USU).  John and his wife are the proud parents of five children and one grandchild. 

Teaching Philosphy:

Why do I teach? I enjoy teaching, and hope that my teaching makes a difference in the lives of my students (my experience tells me it has made a difference to a least a few). I am also obsessed with learning, and am a true life-long learner. 

How do I teach? I strive to develop a favorable learning environment and use a mix of methods (advanced organizers, case discussion, games, hands-on activities) with the hope of engaging every student's preferred learning style.

What do I teach? I try to cover breadth but also drill-down to get some depth in knowledge and skills. I also try to model core knowledge-skills-attitudes, and the values of excellence and professionalism. In the end, for me, teaching and learning are fun enjoyable endeavors of opening, growing, understanding, and sharpening. I echo T.S. Eliot: "We shall not cease from exploration / and the end of all our exploring / will be to arrive where we started / and know the place for the first time." (Four Quartets - Little Gidding)

Scholarly Contributions:

Ball, N., Anderson, J. (2017) The CIO Skill Set, and how CIOs Obtained the Skills, Issues in Information Systems, 18(1), 31-43

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