Selland, Makenzie
Associate Professor
ME 112F
Last Updated: 3/6/19 -

Makenzie Selland is an associate professor of education, specializing in the areas of literacy and teacher education. Her teaching and research interests focus on equity-minded literacy practices across the disciplines, the intersections of narrative identity development and teacher education, and, most recently, the development of equitable clinically-based teacher education parnerships. Her work has appeared in Teaching Education, the Journal of Literacy Research, and Assessing Writing

PhD, Literacy Curriculum & Instruction, University of Colorado Boulder, 2013

MEd, Secondary English Teaching, The George Washington University, 2003

BA, English, Northern Arizona University, 2000


Teaching Philosophy

My goals as a teacher are that students leave my class ready to:

  • design student and learning centered classroom environments that will encourage K-12 students to feel empowered to learn high quality material
  • apply practical and conceptual knowledge of teaching in real-world situations
  • have compassion for K-12 students and the ability to tailor instruction to meet a variety of student needs
  • feel their personal learning needs have been met in a compassionate, joyful, exploratory classroom environment

To this end, my approach to teaching involves modeling positive and productive learning environments, designing instruction that encourages students to explore new material through focused, discovery-based assignments that are applicable in the future, and challenging students to examine initial perceptions through thought-provoking readings, discussions, projects, and critical thinking activities.