Duttagupta, Chitralekha D
Associate Professor - Literacies and Composition
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Dr Chitralekha Duttagupta holds a Ph.D degree in Rhetoric and Composition/Linguistics from Arizona State University, and an MTESL degree from Arizona State University. She is currently employed at Utah Valley University in Orem Utah, as Assistant Professor, Basic Composition. She has taught several writing courses and ESL courses as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at Arizona State University from 2001-2008. Her chief interests and specialization are in the fields of Basic Composition and English as a Second Language. Her dissertation focuses on the representation of basic writers in basic writing scholarship. She is a member of the Conference on College Composition and Communication and the Conference on Basic Writing, and is currently co-editing the third edition of the Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Basic Writing. Her other interests include reading and traveling.