Hill, Jessi
Assistant Professor - Psychology
CB 207K
(801) 863-8499
(801) 863-7089
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To make an appointment with Dr. Hill, go to: https://appointments.uvu.edu/drhill


Lab Website

For more information on Dr. Hill's research lab, go here: http://hillpedagogylab.org/ 

If you would like to apply to the research team, please fill out this application: Research Assistant Application.


Research Interests

Broad: Lifespan development, executive control, attention, oculomotor control, cognition, perception, developmental disorders, pedagogy

Specific: Eye movement methods used to investigate: developmental differences, oculomotor capture, inhibition of return, visual marking, and task switching; Oculomotor reading behavior as a measure of cognition; How current reading models must be modified to account for reading disorders; Development of more objective diagnostic criteria via oculomotor measures for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Relationship of ADHD to developmental dyslexia, specific subtypes, and related comorbidity to ADHD; Developing crossover research techniques to bridge between subfields of psychology. A recent but significant direction for my research is pedagogy as specifically applied to psychology courses and graduate teacher training.

Research Team

Dr. Hill generally begins recruiting students for the Hill Pedagogy Lab (HPL) about 6-8 weeks before the new semester begins. Students may also apply during the first week of the new semester. To learn more, please visit: http://hillpedagogylab.org/research/becoming-a-research-assistant-ra/

Teaching Assistants

Dr. Hill is always looking for responsible, reliable, and really useful teaching assistants. To learn more, please visit: http://hillpedagogylab.org/teaching/becoming-a-teaching-assistant-ta/