Shurtleff, Kevin
Assistant Professor - Chemistry
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Research Focus
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Many economically depressed nations in the World need clean, renewable, and sustainable electricity generation in order to overcome their persistent poverty. Many of these nations are also severely impacted by the cost and use of fossil fuels. The objective of my research at Utah Valley University is to develop, design, build, test, and install sustainable, renewable, energy production systems in these poor, developing nations. Some may wonder, “why are you focusing on renewable energy projects for poor nations?” The answer is that the limited resources of these nations force us to rethink what systems will work and how these systems will be implemented. In most instances, attempting to adapt and implement existing renewable energy technologies in these nations will fail. Thus, the goal of our projects is to produce the lowest cost, most robust, locally managed, renewable energy production systems available anywhere. We’ll then share the knowledge, technologies, and systems with developing nations everywhere. For more details, check-out my "Research Focus" PDF.