Cardon, Teresa
Director, Autism Studies
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Cardon CV Spring 2015
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Teresa A. Cardon, PhD., CCC-SLP has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum for over 20 years. Dr. Cardon completed her doctoral training in Speech & Hearing Science with an autism emphasis and is currently the Director of Autism Studies at Utah Valley University. Dr. Cardon has published her research on autism in peer-reviewed journals and presented at conferences both nationally and internationally. Dr. Cardon’s first line of research focuses on video modeling with young children with autism. Her second line of research focuses on fictional narratives with character’s who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is the author of three books that offer intervention support for individuals on the autism spectrum: Top Ten Tips (2008), Initiations and Interactions (2006) and Let's Talk Emotions (2004). The Autism Studies program at UVU offers both a Certificate of Proficiency and Minor. If you are interested in learning more, please visit