Bob Conder, M.F.A
Adjunct Instructor
Last Updated: 4/22/19 -

Bob has received two business degrees from the University of Phoenix, and a Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in screenplays from Full Sail University. He has studied with renowned writers and instructors: Aaron Sorkin, Blake Snyder, Michael Hauge, Pilar Alexandra, Karl Iglesias, and Michael Tabb.

Bob understands, there is no success in any media form without a strong story.  Bob's personal focus is on story structure and how by understanding the importance of story in our everyday life, we can create and present compelling stories with a strong emotional response for our audiences.

He is a published author, and filmmaker with over forty years in the entertainment industry and more than 500 film, theatre, and music credits; which include several produced screenplays.

As an actor, Bob has worked on, feature films, movies of the week, television series, and commercials. As a stuntman, he has fought Tommy Lee Jones, been punched by Jim Carrey, shot from the roof of a two-story building, and rolled a moving van off an exploding bridge.

Behind the camera, Bob works as a Producer, Writer, and 1st Assistant Director making films, commercials, and video projects.

He is currently a member of the Directors Guild of America, and the Screen Actors Guild.

2008 - Present adjunct UVU teaching film, documentaries, and screenwriting

2004-2006 - Utah Film School creating curriculum and teaching screenwriting

2000-2003 - East Hollywood High School overseeing the film program, creating curriculum and teaching film management