Farnsworth, F Dennis
Professor - History and Political Science
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Professor of Political Science





 Professor Farnsworth has been at UVU since November of 1971, when he began as an adjunct instructor teaching two sections of General Psychology.  Since that time, having come from an eclectic academic background, Professor Farnsworth has taught some 33 different courses. Courses he currently teaches include American Heritage, US Economic History, Modern History of East Asia, IR of East Asia, and US Military History.

Professor Farnsworth is Former Founding Director of the UVU Honors Program; former president of the UVU Faculty Senate; co-founder of the current faculty senate, and co-author of its constitution; founder of outcomes assessment; co-founder of Affirmative Action at UVU.     

Education: Master of Philosophy degree, Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Utah (2004); Master of Arts degree, International Administration, BYU (1969); Bachelor of Arts degree, Asian Studies, BYU (1966). 

Professor Farnsworth is a recognized authority on the history of the People's Liberation Army, the history of the Sino-Soviet dispute, the history of the UVU Honors Program, and the Book of Mormon in Chinese. His specialties in the program that led to his Masters of Philosophy degree include organizational theory and qualitative research.

Teaching and Public-Speaking Specialties: antitrust and regulation in the public interest; Chinese politics; the Chinese Language; Sino-Soviet Affairs; History of the PLA; the Great Depression; the art of teaching; the role of the teacher as a linguistic model; how to develop an honors program; what academic tenure is; how to run a committee. 

Honors: Americanism Educational League Essay Coach, whose students have won over $18,000 in prizes from AEL; Sorenson Lifetime Achievement Award, UVU Alumni Association, 2010; Lifetime Service Award, UVU Faculty Senate, 2007; Lifetime achievement  Award (Wolverine Achievement Award), UVU, 2006; nominated teacher of the year by department chair, 2001; nominated Teacher of the Year by department chair each year, 1994-1999; nominated for Joseph Katz Award in 1992; Sorensen Award For Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of the Philosophy and Practice of Cooperative Education, 1991; UEH Speakers Bureau member, 1989-1990; General Studies Teacher of the Year, 1988; Who's Who in Provo, 1980; General Education Teacher of the Year, 1976; honor student, BYU Evening School, Summer 1972.

Authorship: "A Study of Selected Aspects of Propositions #1 and #2, Constitutional Amendments Appearing on the Ballot in Utah During the Election Year 1968" (masters thesis, 1969). "A Study Guide for the Book of Mormon in Chinese" (BYU Lee Library Special Collections Call Number: MSS-SC-1823).

Co-authorship: numerous technical papers for Special Operations Command, 1995-2001, and Defense Intelligence Agency, 1972-1995; "The UVCC Honors Program", Focus, Spring 1989.

Private Sector Experience: Management Trainee, lumber industry, 1969-1971; tax consultant, 1969-1971 (part time); advertiser and public relations representative, realty company, 1969-1971 (part time); subscriptions solicitor, prominent Seattle newspaper, 1969-1971 (part time).   

Other: Vietnam-Era draftee who spent his overseas time in the Republic of Korea as part of the US forces' occupation, 1966-1967. Spent 35 1/2 years in uniform, full time and part time combined. Chief Warrant Officer, USAR, 1985-2001; retired from the army in 2001 as Chief Warrant Officer Four; fluent in Chinese Mandarin (developed the Chinese Language program, introduced it into the UVU curriculum and taught Chinese 1010 for two years); developed the Chinese Language program and taught Chinese in an intelligence detachment of the US Army for 10 years; have studied Japanese and Korean.

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