Andrist, Kathryn Ann
Professor - Mathematics
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·            Ph.D. Mathematics, August 2000, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

                        Dissertation: A Three-Manifold With Non-Trivial Fundamental Group Which Does Not Admit Non-trivial Group Actions.

                        Advisor: Dr. David G. Wright.  

·            M.S. Mathematics, August 1995, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

             Project: Freudenthal Compactification.   

·            B.S. Mathematics, August 1993, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

Teaching Experience

      ·         Professor. Utah Valley University. July 2012-Present.   

·         Associate Professor.   Utah Valley University. July 2006 -2012.   

·         Assistant Professor. Utah Valley University. January 2001 - July 2006    

      ·         Assistant Professor.  Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. August 2000 - January 2001.

·         Graduate Student Instructor. Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. 1993 - August 2000. 

Research Interests

·         Geometric Topology  

·         Knot Theory

·         Origami


·         K. Andrist and David G. Wright, The Whitehead Manifold Has No Orientation Reversing Homeomorphism, Topology Proceedings, Vol 31, No. 1 (2007), 1-5.  

·         K. Andrist, David G. Wright, On Computing The Geometric Index, Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology,  (2000),    35--38.


·         Poster Presentation, AAC&U Conference, Seattle, WA, February 2010. General Education and Assessment: Maintaining Momentum, Achieving New Priorities, Dynamic Adaptation to Change: The Utah Valley University Engagement Model.

·         UVU Mathematics Department Colloquia:

            The Conway Notation for Rational Tangles, November 13 & 20, 2009.

            The Freudenthal Compactification, 2007.

Knot Polynomials and A Proof That The Whitehead Manifold Does Not Admit an Orientation Reversing Homeomorphism, November, 2004.

            A Certain Class of 3-Manifolds Which Cannot Be Covering Spaces, January, 2001.

·         AMS/MAA Intermountain Section Meetings: The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, but Not the Whole Truth, Provo, UT 2009.

·         UVU Math Club: Why Knot? February, 2003.

·         Spring Topological and Dynamical Systems Conference: A Three-Manifold With Non-Trivial Fundamental Group Which Does Not Admit Non-Trivial Group Actions, Morelia, Mexico, March 2001.


Research Project

·         K. Andrist, D. Halverson (BYU), J. Purcell(BYU) and V. Vasilevska(UVU),

                        Origami and Compliant Mechanisms (work in progress).