Anderson, Steven C
Director of Community Relations and Special Projects
LC 217b
(801) 863-5335
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Steve Anderson is the Director of Community Relations and Special Projects. His current portfolio includes the National President's Advisory Board, President's Community Advisory Council, the 75th Anniversary Celebration, UVU 75th Anniversary History Book project, development of a university Talent Bureau system (experts system), Summer University Executive Committee, Staff Merit Pay Quality Improvement Initiative, Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, STEM Fest Utah Board of Trustees, Orem Community Hospital Outreach Committee and the United Way Everyday Learners committee. 

Steve is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Leadership from Creighton University and has a BS in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations from Utah Valley University, and an MA in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University. 

Steve and his wife Ashley have three beautiful daughters and reside in Vineyard, Utah.