Frankenhuijsen, Machiel van
Professor - Mathematics
LA 017
(801) 863-8685
(801) 863-6254
Last Updated: 6/22/18 -
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Mathematics (Number Theory and Fractal Geometry)
Propedeuse, Mathematics, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen (Netherlands)

(with M. L. Lapidus) Fractal Geometry and Number Theory (BIRKHAUSER, 2000; second edition to appear in 2006)

selected journal articles:
Complex Dimensions of Self-Similar Fractal Strings and Diophantine Approximation (with M. L. Lapidus), EXPERIMENTAL MATHEMATICS
The ABC Conjecture implies Vojta's Height Inequality for Curves (JOURNAL OF NUMBER THEORY, 2002)
A Lower Bound in the ABC Conjecture (JOURNAL OF NUMBER THEORY, 2000)
The ABC Conjecture implies Roth's Theorem and Mordell's Conjecture (MATEMATICA CONTEMPORANEA, 1999)

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