Bromley, Kristen R
Adjunct Instructor - Guitar and Jazz Specialist

Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

Kristen Bromley has been teaching music and performing as a musician for many years. She is a gifted and sought after instructor, as well as a loved performer and composer.

Kristen was born and raised in Wyoming, but currently lives and works as a musician along the Wasatch Front, occasionally touring and performing outside the greater Utah region.

Miss Bromley is a Doctor of Musical Arts canadate at Boston University. She has a Master of Music degree from the highly esteemed Jacobs School of Music housed at Indiana University. While she attended there, IU was in a three-way tie with Julliard and Eastman School of Music for having the number one Master of Music program in the nation. During this time Kristen was one of only a very small number of guitar students admitted into the program. Also, Kristen obtained her Bachelor of Music degree, with an additional BA major in Family History and Genealogy, from Brigham Young University.

Kristen has toured as a musician across various parts of North America and Europe.  In doing so she has performed at several highly prestigious jazz festivals, some of which include: Edinburgh International Jazz Festival in Scotland; Birmingham International Jazz Festival in England; Marlborough International Jazz Festival in England; Loulé Jazz Festival in Portugal; San Sebastian International Jazz Festival in Spain; Ezcaray Jazz Festival in Spain. Kristen has also performed and helped present clinics at a handful of International Association of Jazz Educators conventions (currently known as Jazz Education Network); and she was named the outstanding guitar soloist at the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival in 2006 and 2007.

Kristen is currently a guitar and jazz instructor at Brigham Young University in addition to teaching at Utah Valley University.  And, Miss Bromley is the author of several guitar method books. She has one of the very best guitar lesson curriculums that exist today.

Kristen loves to play and record most styles of music and she has been featured on several recordings. She is currently working on the arrangements for three of her own albums: one that features her in a jazz trio setting, a second that features her as a solo jazz guitarists, and a third that features her playing arrangements of hymns, folk tunes, and other inspiring selections.

Kristen loves life, is a friend to all, is deeply religious, and truly believes in the awesome power music has to uplift and edify the soul. She has devoted her career to enriching, uplifting, edifying, and inspiring lives through the education, performance, composition, recording, and publishing of music.