Glenn, Lowell M.
Associate Professor - Finance and Economics
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Department Chair
Finance and Economics



Fields of Interest

Public policy analysis 

Economics/financial analysis

Technology mediated learning research

Human resource development



The George Washington University, Ph.D.  Economics, 1974. Major fields: financial analysis, human resources development, public finance/public policy, and general economic theory.
Brigham Young University, Master of Business Administration, 1964.  Professional degree with emphasis in finance, business policy, and general management. 
Brigham Young University, BS 1962. Major political science / minor mathematics. 


Courses Taught and Developed 
ECON 2020  Macroeconomics
 2010  Microeconomics
ECON 3830  History of Economic Thought
ECON 4150  Public Finance
ECON 4500  US Economic Development and History

ECON 6300  Managerial Economics / MBA

Online/internet courses developed and taught Macroeonomics, Microeconomics and Introduction to Statistics  


Refereed Journal Articles 

"Determinants of Bank Failures:  Evidence from US Failed Banks", International Research Journal of Applied Finance, 3(4), 2012.

"Development  of Zakah and Zakah Coverage in Monotheistic Faiths", International Journal of Social Economics, Volume 37 Number 4, 2010.

"Is the Survival of Small Commercial Banks Threatened?  Evidence from the Texas Commercial Banks"  The Global Journal of Finance and Economics, Vol. 6. No. 2, 2009.

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 “The ancient practice of Chinese social networking: Guanxi and social network theory,” ECO Emergence Vol. 6, No. 1/2, Fall 2004.
“The effect of interaction levels on student performance: A comparative analysis of web-mediated vs. traditional delivery,” Journal of Interactive Learning Research, AACE, Vol. 14, No. 3, 2003.
Refereed Conference Proceedings
"Students Expectations about Interaction in Online Clases",  AACE/SITE 2006, Orlando, Florida, March 20-24, 2006.
“Interaction Matters,” E-Learn 2005 Conference, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Vancouver, Canada, October 2005.
“Disappearing WebCT: Putting course technology in the background,” 6th annual WebCT conference, Orlando, Florida, July 2004
“Changing the paradigm: WebCT campus edition and beyond,” 6th annual WebCT conference, Orlando, Florida, July 2004
Non Refereed Journal Articles/Monographs/Book Chapters
Utah Valley State College – 2004. Strategic management case and lecture notes in textbook: David, Fred R., Strategic Management, tenth edition, Prentice-Hall, 2005.
Utah Access, "Lawyers Using Computers", Improving professional productivity with PC computers and integrated off‑the‑shelf applications software, October 1988.
Employing the Disadvantaged in the Federal Civil Service, Policy Paper No. 13, The Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, Ann Arbor, Michigan; 1969.
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Vocational Rehabilitation and Federal Manpower Policy, Policy Paper No. 4, The Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, Ann Arbor, Michigan; 1967.
"Revision Bank Debits and Deposit Turnover Series," Federal Reserve Bulletin, March 1965.
Non Refereed Conference Proceedings
“Live Interactive,” Presentation at Teaching with Technology Idea Exchange, Conference at Utah Valley State College, August 2005.
“Research into Practice: Using Research to Improve Technology Mediated Instruction” 5th annual WebCT conference in San Diego, CA, July 2003.
“Migration madness: Our exponential growth using WebCT,” 5th annual WebCT conference, San Diego CA, July 2003.
“Is There Anyone on the Other Side: The Importance of Interaction and Course Structure in Web Courses” A qualitative analysis of students in online programs paper presented in UVSC conference on distance education, Spring 2003.
“The effect of interaction levels on student performance: A comparataive analysis of web-mediated verses traditional delivery,” 4th annual WebCT conference, Boston, MA., July 2002.
“Bringing WebCT to Utah Valley State College”, Third annual WebCT conference, Vancouver, BC., June 2001.
Other Activities
UVSC Ethics Across the Curriculum presentations in 2002 and 2003
UVSC Faculty Senate 1999-2002
Chair, Faculty Senate Political Action Committee
Member, Faculty Senate Budget Committee
President, Utah County Mental Health Association; 1980-81
Member State of Utah Mental Health Association, 1980-81
President, Utah Conference on Human Services, 1978
Vice-Chair, Utah Health Systems Agency Development Committee 1976-76